Leo Wayman Diards (a.k.a.) Wave is a comic book supervillain and an enemy of Frankenstein's. He used to be the best surfer until Frankenstein beat him. Wanting revenge, he wandered into the ocean and found a dark swirling vortex. Instead of dying or choking because of loss of air, he fuses with the water itself, dubbing himself as Wave.

Frankenstein: TAS Edit

Season 8Edit

Wave makes his debut in Season 8, Episode 1, "Tidal Wave." There, Frankenstein and co. was on the beach relaxing and enjoying their time. However after taking a swim, the ocean kept on rustling and causing them to drop into the water. Eventually, it is revealed to be Wayman who was transformed into the "ocean" basically. There, he challenged Frankenstein to yet another surf-off. Despite the huge disadvantage, Frankenstein wins and Wave tries to kill him. After the fight, Frankenstein is about to die until Nuke infects Wayman with his radioactivity, defeating him and returning him to normal. He is then put into rehabilitation to mantain his mental stabability.

Season 10Edit

Wayman returns in Season 10, Episode 3, "Rogue Wave." This marks his final appearance in Frankenstein: The Animated Series. There he finds Dr. Magnus Mysterious and Carter Peter who has somehow obtained some of the DNA of the formual of Wave. Desperate, Wayman injects it inside of him and he becomes a giant dark vortex of water. He then heads back to the beach to where Frankenstein and co. is. He finds them and keeps beating them left and right. When Nuke tries to defeat him the same way, it does not work as Wave is already mutated from the last time. He then becomes Tidal Wave as he is stronger and is about to kill Frankenstein until Dr. Zing (Wayman's uncle) comes over and manages to beat him as he is the only one to defeat Frankenstein. There, he is back to normal once again and once again put back into rehabilitation for good (or at least for a few years).

The New Adventures of FrankensteinEdit

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