Oswald Jenkins (a.k.a.) The Vendetta is a comic book supervillain and an adversary of Frankenstein's. After an accident involving fire chemicals and acid on his hands, Oswald seeked revenge on all who mocked him.

Frankenstein: TAS Edit

Season 4Edit

The Vendetta makes his debut in Season 4, Episode 11, "The Vendetta." There has been news of a man stealing faces from people. Frankenstein and co. along with the Comissioner goes to investigate and after some time, they eventually comes face to face with the notorious Vendetta. The Vendetta has already stocked up on human faces and plans to defeat Frankenstein and then steal his face in advance. As they battle, Oswald gets closer and closer to taking his face. Right before the Vendetta takes his face, Frankenstein manages to trick him and defeats him. The police then brings him to the supervillain's prison. There, he plans his escape and does and plans to return.

Season 6Edit

In Season 6, Episode 9, "Read My Lips" The Vendetta was helping his good friends, the Whisperer carry out his plan. When they get caught, Frankenstein manages to beat the Vendetta and puts him back behind bars.

Season 7Edit

In Season 7, Episode 9, "The Final Beginning, Chapter III: Enter the Doomsday" The Vendetta was a side villain that was defeated by Frankenstein but fought back against Doomsday.

Season 8Edit

The Vendetta reappears in Season 8, Episode 12, "The Vendetta's Revenge." There, he bumps into Frankenstein and then goes into a bar and starts taking a few faces there. When Frankenstein fights him, they are even but the Vendetta manages to escape. When Frankenstein and co. finds him again, he has taken more faces and is more than a match for Frankenstein. They fight for a while before The Vendetta dispatches of him and leaves again. When they find him again, Frankenstein is easily losing and then is about to have his face taken. However, he is saved by Percy and they manage to overwhelm the Vendetta and he is once again sent back to prison.

Season 9Edit

In Season 9, Episode 10, "Revved-Up" The Vendetta was one of the ones inside of the race for the Comissioner's fortunes.

Season 10Edit

The Vendetta returns in Season 10, Episode 10, "Scavengers." There, he was with the Mermaid and the Ravine until he decided to separate from them and manages to paralyize Frankenstein. However, the Mermaid saves Frankenstein when he tricks her and he defeats them both.

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