Ralston Ravine (a.k.a.) The Ravine is a fictional comic book supervillain and a foe of Frankenstein. He is an international tourist that studies on birds but turned on the world when Nightmare City was about to get rid of endangered ravens, thus dubbing himself as the Ravine.

Frankenstein: TASEdit

Season 1Edit

The Ravine debuts in Season 1, Episode 13, "Day of the Ravine." Ralston is observing many types of birds but then notices at the docks that there is a shipment to the Land of No Return. Angry, he goes and steals one of them and then wanting revenge, goes rogue and builds a mechanical giant set of razor sharp raven wings and names himself as The Ravine. While he is terrorizing the city, Frankenstein spots him and demands him to stop. After cutting Frankenstein, he tells him to stay out of his way. He then tells Frankenstein that his wings can cut through anything. Frankenstein then chases him all around Nightmare City but the Ravine manages to kick him to a dumpster and escapes. The Ravine is then seen again but now he is at his lair. Frankenstein manages to track that and they have one last final duel. However, the Ravine is too fast for Frankenstein and so he keeps cutting him. Frankenstein then gets the help of Percy and Jen and Frankenstein, breaks the Ravine's wings. He is then taken to jail by the commissioner.

Season 2Edit