The Frankenstein Chronicles: Series 2 first aired in 2017.

No. Title Director Writer Airdate Prodcode Viewers
1 (7) Prodigal Son Alex Gabassi Michael Robert Johnson Template:Start date[1] TBA

John Marlott escapes from Bethlem Hospital looking to seek revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey. This does not go to plan.

2 (8) Not John Marlott Alex Gabassi Paul Tomalin Template:Start date[2] TBA

Marlott tries to fly under the radar by getting a position in local seamstress Esther's shop by using a psuedonym. He is convinced that someone is lying about the recent murders of local clergymen and sets to uncover the truth in his search for justice.

3 (9) Seeing the Dead Alex Gabassi Noel Farragher and Paul Tomalin Template:Start date[3] TBA

A local fever is sweeping the neighbourhood. Marlott believes that Lord Daniel Hervey is the root of this and that Billy Oates will lead him to the source of the problem.

4 (10) Little Boy Lost Alex Gabassi Colin Carberry, Glenn Patterson and Michael Robert Johnson Template:Start date[4] TBA

After meeting the excentric Frederick Dipple at a party to reveal his new Automaton creation, Marlott realises that his allies may be in greater danger than he originally thought.

5 (11) The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Alex Gabassi Paul Tomalin Template:Start date[5] TBA

Armed with new information, Marlott is led to a suspiciously deserted tower. Is he ready for the darkness he encounters within?

6 (12) Bride of Frankenstein Alex Gabassi Michael Robert Johnson Template:Start date[6] TBA

With the police closing in, Marlott needs to pull out all the stops to help Esther escape from Dipple and Hervey, and in doing so, turn his fortunes around.


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