The Frankenstein Chronicles: Series 1 first aired in 2015.

No. Title Director Writer Airdate Prodcode Viewers
1 A World Without God Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Barry Langford Template:Start date 0.358

During an operation to catch a gang of Opium smugglers, detective John Marlott (Sean Bean) uncovers a body on the bank of the river Thames. Upon examination, the corpse is revealed to be an amalgamation of body parts from up to eight children. Home Secretary Robert Peel (Tom Ward) orders Marlott to quietly investigate the matter. Marlott enlists the help of a vagrant boy who claims to have been told of a 'monster' snatching children from the Smithfield market area in the dead of night. Marlott suspects that some of the body parts may belong to local butcher's daughter Alice Evans, who mysteriously disappeared just over a week ago. With the help of Constable Nightingale (Richie Campbell), Marlott identifies a public house where he suspects some of the children may have been held.

2 Seeing Things Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Barry Langford Template:Start date 0.278

After his discovery on the banks of the Thames, Inspector Marlott visits the house of artist and printmaker William Blake, who is on his deathbed.

3 All the Lost Children Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Barry Langford Template:Start date 0.247

Having escaped the clutches of Billy Oates, Flora throws herself on Marlott's mercy. As the investigation continues, Marlott travels to Kentish Town to interrogate Mary Shelley.

4 The Fortunes of War Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Mike Walden Template:Start date 0.269

Marlott and Pritty seek the help of a local vagrant as they attempt to identify the murderous gang working in the tunnels beneath Smithfield market.

5 The Frankenstein Murders Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Stacey Gregg Template:Start date 0.215

Boz publishes his newspaper article, The Frankenstein Murders, which causes a public outcry and infuriates Peel on the eve of the Anatomy Act.

6 Lost and Found Benjamin Ross Benjamin Ross & Barry Langford Template:Start date 0.213

Convinced of Daniel Hervey's guilt, Marlott sets about searching the grounds of the hospital, where he finds Alice, who has been held captive by Hervey's faithful servant, Lloris. Although Alice manages to escape, Marlott is captured by Hervey, and when he awakens some hours later, he finds himself covered in blood, with Flora's lifeless body lying on his kitchen table. Despite protesting his innocence, Marlott learns that he is to be sent to the gallows.

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