Shadowboy Adventures is the 2009 remake of the show starring the superhero comics character, Shadowboy. Although not as long or continous as the original series, the show features a vast majority of villains.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Kirk Wonder/Shadowboy
  • Roger Wonder
  • Grace Wonder
  • Jamie Dodgson
  • Becky Manson
  • Diamond Desmond
  • Earwin Lawson

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

# Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 "Poltergeist" Victor Cook Greg Weisman [1] March 8, 2008 101
After an accident involving a test run, Kirk Wonder gains the ability to that of a ghost. Meanwhile, the Two-Ton Gang has been robbing banks and stealing. Can Shadowboy stop these brutes before they steal all the money?
2 "Catalyst" Troy Adomitis Kevin Hopps [2] March 8, 2008 102
Clownface brings along with him his laughing gas in a chance to kill everyone by making them laugh so hard, they lose their lives. When Becky, Jamie & Grace Wonder is under this spell, Shadowboy must stop him.
3 "Natural Selection" Dave Bullock Matt Wayne [3] March 15, 2008 103
Dr. Phillips has been made a laughing stock among the science board. Kirk however decides to help him. Secretly, the doctor consumes a mutagenic serum 
4 "Market Forces" Dan Fausett Andrew Robinson [4] March 22, 2008 104
Ken takes on the responsibility of guardian for the house, Crimehead turns Johnny Badger into the nefarious Badger-Man. Astro must stop Badger-Man as Badger-Man gets stronger with each physical contact attack.
5 "Competition" Troy Adomitis Kevin Hopps [5] March 29, 2008 105
Ken and Lenny's step-father comes over for the weekend. Lenny gives him a hard time and Oxy leaves and swears revenge on Ken as the new villain, King Ox. Crimehead plots to make a new mutant.
6 "The Invisible Hand" Dave Bullock Matt Wayne [6] April 12, 2008 106
Miles Warden changes O'Hiren into the Bulldozer. Bulldozer swears revenge on Astro and tries to destroy him. Astro must choose to either take down the Bulldozer or hangout with Jane.
7 "Catalysts" Victor Cook Andrew Robinson [7] April 26, 2008 107
Crimehead resurrects Carl Fisk and makes him a Zombie criminal with superhuman speed, strength, endurance and durability. Zombstone then plots to steal from everywhere even when Astro and X-Fade fail to help.
8 "Reaction" Jennifer Coyle Randy Jandt [8] May 3, 2008 108
Miles Warden gets tricked by the Sorcerer and turns into Millennio. Millennio works on finding a power source to last for a millennium. Meanwhile, Ken struggles with his feelings for Jane and how to handle against bully Danny Fields.
9 "The Uncertainty Principal" Dave Bullock Kevin Hopps [9] May 10, 2008 109
The Sorcerer returns with new artillery and plots to kill Astro. The Sorcerer accidentally turns Jake Horace (one of Ken's friends) into Hot Rod. Astro, X-Fade and Hot Rod begin to stop the Sorcerer's crimes together.
10 "Persona" Dan Fausett Matt Wayne [10] May 17, 2008 110
Cooper Sanchez frames Astro and Astro goes to catch him. Cooper gets into an accident and is re-known as Copperhead. Crimehead sends Copperhead to create a crime and lead Astro into a crater where he he most weak. Astro gains the suit of the alien substance known as carbonion.
11 "Group Therapy" Dave Bullock & Jennifer Coyle Andrew Robinson & Greg Weisman [11] May 31, 2008 111
With Pyro-Man's help, Millennio, King Ox, Bulldozer, Badger-Man, and Zombstone breaks out of Ryker's Island. They all hunt down Astro and defeats him. The carbonion then takes over duirng his sleep and fights the Infamous Six.
12 "Intervention" Dave Bullock Greg Weisman [12] June 7, 2008 112
Ken loses his friendship with Zastro and learns that the substance is killing all of his cells and replacing it with its cells. A battle wages when Astro tries to get it off and tries to fend off against the substance and the new villain, Ghostman. By the end, Gastro is born.
13 "Nature vs. Nurture" Victor Cook Kevin Hopps [13] June 14, 2008 113
Ken reveals to Lenny what had happened to their parents. Astro gets attacked by a new supervillain by the name of Gastro and threatens to ruin Ken's life. He reveals to be Zastro and Astro must defeat his new arch-nemesis before the big ceremony at Midtown starts.

Season 2Edit

# Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
14 "Blueprints" Jennifer Coyle Kevin Hopps [14] January 11, 2009

[15] June 22, 2009


It is early December and Ken tries to talk to Jane about their first kiss. A new villain by the name of Weathertroll arrives after being struck by the sky elements. Durango shows up as Dragonbait and prepares to help Ken even if he envies him.

15 "Destructive Testing" Kevin Altieri Matt Wayne [16] January 18, 2009

[17] June 22, 2009

The Sorcerer does an experiment on Jasper Kane and is turned into the evil Jax. Jax then goes hunting for Astro to put on his trophy case.
16 "Reinforcement" Mike Goguen Andrew Robinson [18] January 25, 2009

[19] June 29, 2009

It is Christmas and the Infamous Six returns with the help of Crimehead and they all want Astro-dead. Ken learns of that Eithan Crook returns from Hollywood and tells Ken he has acquired superpowers but cannot use them for now.
17 "Shear Strength" Jennifer Coyle Randy Jandt [20] January 31, 2009

[21] July 6, 2009

It is New Year's Eve and Marina Daniels becomes the Minister and teams up with the Copperhead to stop Astro and X-Fade. Zastro returns to town but Ken is unaware of it.
18 "First Steps" Kevin Altieri Kevin Hopps [22] February 1, 2009

[23] July 13, 2009

School is back and Ken is excited about seeing Dr. Seymour again. However, Donny Drako steals the Reptile and Dragon-like DNA samples and drinks both. He then turns into Draco and causes havoc shooting fire out of his breath. And is that Gastro lurking in the night?
19 "Growing Pains" Mike Goguen Nicole Dubuc [24] February 7, 2009

[25] July 20, 2009

Gastro is back and framing Astro everywhere. Hot Rod, Steelwolf and Claws comes to lend X-Fade and Astro a hand against Ghostman. Luka gets infected and turns into the Blue Devil. Ghostman plots to turn Astro to dust.
20 "Identity Crisis" Jennifer Coyle Andrew Robinson [26] February 8, 2009

[27] July 27, 2009

Ken Rio's identity and vendetta as Astro has been outted by Gastro who seeks revenge. Does anybody stand a chance against Gastro and is Ken's loved ones in trouble?
21 "Accomplices" Kevin Altieri Nicole Dubuc [28] February 14, 2009

[29]October 7, 2009

Leo Kingston gets made fun of when his life is ruined when critics make fun of wood. He then mutates himself with wood and makes Woodstock. He then seeks revenge on the critics but can Astro stop him?
22 "Probable Cause" Mike Goguen Kevin Hopps [30] February 15, 2009

[31]October 14, 2009

Sango Sherman comes back from outerspace and the moon. He then gets radioactive dust that infects him and manipulates his mind and transforms him into Stardust. Meanwhile, Crimehead tries to make a gathering for the villains.
23 "Gangland" Jennifer Coyle Andrew Robinson [32] March 13, 2009

[33]October 21, 2009

Crimehead causes some mishaps at a villain gathering on stopping Astro. Jane and Taz gets hit by nuclear icsotopes that makes them superheroes. They come to help Astro, X-Fade, Blue Devil and Claws in fighting the villains.
24 "Subtext" Kevin Altieri Nicole Dubuc [34] March 16, 2009

[35]November 4, 2009

Ben Wave gets tricked into being mutated by the Sorcerer into Behemoth. Behemoth then tries to gather all the oil to set off a fire that could burn the News Paper Industry.
25 "Opening Night" Mike Goguen Greg Weisman [36] March 17, 2009

[37]November 18, 2009

Astro tries out the security vault at Ryker's Island but gets stuck there by the Crimehead. Then he must find his way back to New York from a bunch of felonies that he put away.
26 "Final Curtain" Victor Cook Kevin Hopps [38] March 18, 2009

[39]November 18, 2009

Astro defeats both Pyro-Man and Weathertroll and puts them in jail. However, the Sorcerer has his own plans and tries to kill Astro. Astro finally becomes together with Jane and then he unmasks the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer was a fake and then the real one shows up just in time to lose to Astro and retreat while he escapes a burning building.
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