Shadowboy Adventures, usually shortened to Shadowboy 1994 tv series is a television series based off of the comic book superhero, Shadowboy. Kirk Wonder had been running some tests with his parents and after a freak accident, he gains superpowers.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Kirk Wonder/Shadowboy
  • Roger Wonder
  • Grace Wonder
  • Jamie Dodgson
  • Becky Manson
  • Diamond Desmond
  • Earwin Lawson

Episode ListEdit

Season OneEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
001 "The Ghost in the Machine" Two-Ton Gang Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 6, 1992
Kirk Wonder and his parents are testing a highly explosive and unstabled isotope containing a high-concentrated level of gray matter and biochemical DNA within it. When the family miscalculates a tiny error, the lab explodes, however with Kirk still in there. Kirk is actually alive and as a result, as gained many abilities. Meanwhile, the Two-Ton Gang is committing bank heists that soon is left up to the young upstart hero, Shadowboy!
002 "Laugh Attack" The Trickster and Bishop Kingsley Kent Butterworth Eddie Gorodetsky November 13, 1992
It is Christmas Eve and the time to enjoy the holidays. However, nothing is joyful when a family has been taken hostage by the criminally insane villain, The Trickster. Wanting to save them, Kirk must track down the HQ.
003 "Nothing to Fear" The Mastermind Boyd Kirkland Henry T. Gilroy & Sean Catherine September 15, 1992

Many banks are being shut down and the city is blaming the new guy, Shadowboy. However, the one really behind the entire bank heists is none other than The Mastermind!

004 "Beware the Meatman" The Meatman and The Jokester Kevin Altieri Carl Swenson September 22, 1992

Kirk, Jamie & Margaret are able to meet Emerl Lenny in person. However, The Jokester causes the chef to undergo a transformation, causing the birth of The Meatman. Now out for revenge, Shadowboy must stop The Meatman's rage.

005 "Pretty Poison" Poison Point Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini and Michael Reaves September 14, 1992

When Student Council President, Tori Stone is poisoned after a date with Rodney Wickett, Kirk goes undercover to find out the cause.

006 "The Last Laugh" Clownface Frank Paur Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by October 21, 1992

When a toxic gas causes everyone to laugh maniacally until death, Shadowboy is forced to work with G.U.N. agent Gun. The two sets out to stop Clownface and his evil raid.

007 "Stolen Memories" Ms. Foxxe and Two-Ton Gang Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian (Teleplay by Sean Catherine September 18, 1992

Angelina Foxxe has her whoe career destroyed when District Attorney, Dave Bullock shuts her down. She opens up a secret business and hires the Two-Ton Gang to help. Meanwhile, she turns all of the kids of Golden Gate against everyone.

008 "The Forgotten" The Trickster, The Mastermind and Dr. Viktor Boyd Kirkland Jules Dennis, Richard Mueller October 8, 1992

The Trickster is back but requests the help of Shadowboy when he has been tracked down by The Mastermind. They help but land in a trap where the two villains sends their robots to destroys them in a maze.

009 "Be a Clown" Clownface Frank Paur Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes September 16, 1992

Clownface returns and wackier than ever. He manages to get ahold of Kirk's father, Roger Wonder during a break-in. Struggling to choose between his life work and his father, Adrian Casey is able to help Jimmy in his time of need.

010 "Coin-Toss: Part I" Seth Rogan Kevin Altieri Alan Burnett (Teleplay September 25, 1992
A professor named Dr. Magnus Msterious uses local Ben Daves for an experiment. He transforms him into the Menace and sends him on a mission to defeat Frankenstein.
011 "Coin-Toss Part: II" Coin-Toss and Seth Rogan Kevin Altieri Randy Rogel September 28, 1992
After presumably killing Frankenstein, Menace starts to shroud Nightmare City in despair and darkness. He then plans to use the Lunar energy to drain all of the water and send the Earth to the Sun.
012 "It's Never Too Late" Grover Runbar Boyd Kirkland Tom Ruegger (Teleplay September 10, 1992

Out in Starkarm Prison, Grover Runbar manages to bust out and heads to Golden Gate, to where he starts a new life of crime. Meanwhile, Kirk and Lawson plans to have a fight.

013 "I've Got Shadowboy in My Closet" The Hitman and The Mastermind Frank Paur Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell September 30, 1992

Shadowboy is abruptly stopped by the police. However, he is then kidnapped by The Hitman, a hired mercenary ordered by The Mastermind to bring them back to him in one piece, or dead if necessary.

014 "The Deep Freeze" The Mermaid and Leslie Boyard Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini September 7, 1992

Leslie Boyard invests in his search for mythical sea life and it pays off when Sissila Stone comes up, ready to take over the city. She partners with Leslie but things go downhill when he tricks her. Who can save her now?

015 "The Phantom Menace: Part I" The Witch, The Mastermind and Two-Ton Gang Kevin Altieri Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright September 5, 1992

After placing the Two-Ton Gang in jail, Kirk goes home to find a friend, Amber Crow waiting for him. As they enjoy their time, Kirk is forced to leave and The Mastermind takes Amber to where he changes her into the villain through mind induced-manipulation known as, The Witch!

016 "The Phantom Menace: Part II" The Witch and The Mastermind Dick Sebast Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright September 12, 1992

Wanting to get back at Kirk for ditching her, The Witch starts raiding in the city. This prompts Shadowboy to stop her but he is no match  for her new power. Eventually, Kirk is forced to fight The Witch on top of Grand Hall Tower.

017 "See No Evil" The Hobgoblin Dan Riba Martin Pasko February 24, 1993

Edward Franklin has been robbed out of his money by a mobster. Wanting to get back what the guy owed him, he creates a suit built with high tech weapons and dons himself as The Hobgoblin. How will Kirk defeat this maniac?

018 "Beware the Gray Ghost" Zs'Skayr Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by November 4, 1992

It is Halloween and the night is even spookier than before. However, small children start disappearing into the night's fog. Shadowboy goes investigating to figure out the mystery of the missing children.

019 "Prophecy of Doom" Abdullah's Gara Lu, Talia Stroganoff and The Trickster Frank Paur Dennis Marks (Teleplay by Sean October 6, 1992

After The Trickster opens up a burial, the spirit is freed and finds the perfect host. With the spirit freed, he begins his reign of terror, using his daughter, Talia to deceive people. In particular, Kirk Wonder.

020 "Feat of Mud: Part I" Bruce Caviar Dick Sebast Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 8, 1992

Roger Wonder is framed for attempted murder on Brian Proud. He is then taken into custody. Meanwhile, actor Molasses Spitzwell is gaining all of the fame he needs. However, this goes downhill when Bruce Caviar ruins it, and he had blamed it on Roger Wonder and his family. This caused Kirk to find out the truth. Spitzwell is then rejected by the public and asa result, has 300lbs of mud dropping on him. Kirk discovers that Bruce Caviar has fooled everyone.

021 "Feat of Mud: Part II" The Mudmask and Bruce Caviar Kevin Altieri Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 9, 1992

Turns out, Spitzwell survived the hit and his skin cells were infused within the mud, turning him into The Mudmask. He then seeks his revenge on Bruce Caviar for what he has done. Meanwhile, Becky tries to figure why Kirk is being so secretive and Shadowboy must bring Bruce to justice before The Mudmask does something drastic.

022 "Jokester's Favor" The Jokester and Hilary Tampton Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 11, 1992

The Jokester finds himself an on-and-off partner, Hilary Tampton. When they start stealing from malls and gas stations, Shadowboy try to find out what their true motive are.

023 "Vertigo" Vertigo Frank Paur Michael Reaves October 5, 1992

Victor Crews has been exposed from a chemical drug that not only enhances his reflexes, but his mentality and adamntium coated arms. Now with his newfound power, he plans to raid the West Hall's Bank Vault.

024 "Fear of Victory" Professor Death and Dr. Viktor Dick Sebast Samuel Warren Joseph September 29, 1992

As Kirk and his family are out on the town with Jamie's family, Federick Death has been incoated with a slimy substance created by Dr. Viktor, causing him to gain superhuman intelligence and strength. With that, he plans to create a monster so great, that all will tremble before him.

025 "Masters of All Time" The Timekeeper Kevin Altieri David Wise September 21, 1992

After stopping a man from shoplifting at Golden Gate Mega-Mart, Kirk finds himself sent back right before he does that. Eventually, he arrives in a weird place. There, he learns of the master of time himself, The Timekeeper.


"Warrior Queen"

The Queen Boyd Kirkland Gerry Conway, from the comic-book September 17, 1992

Jasmine Booth's last shred of humanity was destroyed when her mother was murdered right in front of her. After seeing all of the people (including Kirk) with their mother's she is given a special treatment where she is built a dress that is incapable of being removed, in exchange for superhuman abilities. She then becomes The Queen and plans to murder all of the city's mothers.

027 "Double Dose" The Jackal, Seth Rogan, The Witch and Two-Ton Gang Frank Paur Paul Dini October 12, 1992

Nathan Ryder has took up a study of nervous system and the study of the body. When he is sued by Seth Rogan for his "illegal blueprints", he dons himself as The Jackal to not only get back his inventions, but rid himself of Seth Rogan. Can Shadowboy stop this new villain?

028 "Dreams in Darkness" Zs'Skayr Dick Sebast Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens November 3, 1992

While dreaming, Kirk finds it hard to escape as his dream is being controlled by the notorious, Phantasm. Struggling to escape, he is going to have to do go over his limits to wake up to reality.

029 "Eternal Youth" Venus Kevin Altieri Beth Bornstein September 23, 1992

Pat Botanica befriends Jacob Bradley and has gone steady with him. However, when he expresses his hatred for nature, she dumps him and plans to get even. She then sprays herself with a nanozine acid, causing her skin to go yellow. She is given the ability to control not only plants but poison as well. With Jacob kidnapped, Kirk and Dylan has to go rescue.

030 "Perchance to Dream" Scarface Boyd Kirkland Laren Bright & Michael Reaves October 19, 1992

After local industrialist, Nick Princeton gets into a problem, he decides to take down Kane Industries. However, Gun and Alex has something to say about that when their favorite ice cream is on the line.

031 "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy" Smooth Criminal and The Mastermind Frank Paur Elliot S. Maggin October 14, 1992

The Mastermind helps escaped convict, Russel Victor escapes, Shadowboy, who is aided by a strange superheroine, Miss Invincible must retrieve this master of escape and get him back to jail.

032 "Jamie's Recknoning: Part I" Tonny Frazier and Skeletor Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 7, 1993

During a fight with some gangsters at the junkyard, Shadowboy is abruptly stopped by a mysterious boney man with a fiery ring around his head. Jamie tries to connect as a friend with Kirk more and Kirk interrogates him but he manages to escape and heads straight to town. Meanwhile, Tonny Frazier puts his plan into action.

033 "Jamie's Reckoning: Part II" Tonny Frazier and Professor Death Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 14, 1993

With his recent let down, Kirk is forced to have Margaret, Becky, Jamie & Diamond help him. When they find the skull man, he is being attacked by both Tonny Frazier and Professor Death. Shadowboy aids him and the two makes a truce to stop Frazier's real plan. However, they are defeated and Jamie must save them.

034 "Laugh Attack" Clownface and The Jokester Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini (Based on a Steve January 10, 1993

Clownface and The Jokester are both anxious to meet one another but while Kirk and Margaret are at the store, he manages to sneak off and takes The Jokester to jail. This angers Clownface, who plans to take Shadowboy in.

035 "The Ultimate Slayer" The Dragonslayer Kevin Altieri Steve Perry October 26, 1992

Business man, Jay Walker has been overdosing on pills as of a test because of the loan he owes. This however, backfires, causing him to lose brain cells but gain more speed and strength. Shadowboy and Winter Soldier who has returned must stop this new foe.

036 "The Savage Time" Dr. Milo and Metallix Boyd Kirkland Sean Catherine Derek November 5, 1992

When Shadowboy is helped by a strange scientist to steal the Pacifis Ruby, he plans on confronting him. When he does, the guy, Dr. Milo deceives him and actually plans to use the ruby as his power source for inventions.

037 "The Strange Secret of Kirk Wonder" Bishop Kingsley, Ms. Foxxe, Vertigo, The Trickster and Bruce Caviar Frank Paur David Wise (Based on a Steve Englehart October 29, 1992

After an incident involving Judge Trudy, Kirk and Knightfire goes up to find out what's wrong. They find Hugo Johnson and although he appears to be helping them, he has gotten Kirk's seret identity on tape. He then plans to show it to the world, easily catching the eye of many villains.

038 "Heart of Steel: Part I" Dr. Viktor, Harry Adams, Hilary Tampton, Poison Point and Deathshell Kevin Altieri Brynne Stephens November 16, 1992

After stopping Poison Point & Hilary Tampton from robbing the Rob's Lid Store, Shadowboy heads home. However, what he does not know is that a top secret detective is watching his every move, looking for the right time to strike. Meanwhile, Dr. Viktor uses Loui Crawford as his test subject for the iron battlesuit.

039 "Heart of Steel: Part II" Deathshell Kevin Altieri Brynne Stephens November 17, 1992

With the transformation complete, Deathshell goes out on a hunt for a cure using Dr. Starkings for help. However, after Shadowboy manages to take Dr. Starkings to a secret location, the angered psychopath goes on a rampage.

040 "Are You Smarter Than a Billionaire?" The Questionaire and Barron Bugle Eric Radomski David Wise November 18, 1992

A decade before now, Barron Bugle makes an invention but he is fired and gets jipped off by his ex-partner, Barron Bugle. Now, he has come back as The Questionaire and kidnaps Bugle. Shadowboy must go through puzzles to rescue the traitor.

041 "Wild Cards" The Trickster Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini November 19, 1992

Cameron Casion builds his own casino but it is quickly taken over by The Trickster. So, Kirk and Lawson accidentally stumble upon the casino. Only when Lawson is captured, Shadowboy decides to stop The Trickster.

042 "On Steel Wings" Rapier, Tonny Frazier, Bloodhound, Clownface & The Vendetta Frank Paur Michael Reaves and October 30, 1992

There have been several sightings of a strange creature stalking the night. Interested, Shadowboy, with James Jonah goes to investigate. However, things get serious when they meet Killer Bat.

043 "Moon of the Wolf" Killer Wolf Dick Sebast Len Wein November 12, 1992

Winter Soldier, a man with the super soldier serum has come to Golden Gate to stop Professor Death and Miss Majesty from creating the perfect monster. He meets Shadowboy and the two teams up. However, what happens when they come face-to-face with the Wolfman?

044 "Day of the Samurai" The Black Kotana Bruce W. Timm Steve Perry February 23, 1993

Jamie and Becky are curious as to what Kirk does in his spare time. So, they follow him around. Eventually, this leads Jamie to figuring out the secret identity of Shadowboy. Meanwhile, The Black Kotana rampages through an old testing site.

045 "Terror in the Sky" Killer Bat Boyd Kirkland Steve Perry, Mark Saraceni November 9, 1992

When a man-sized bat ransacks Golden Harbor, Shadowboy suspects that Killer Bat has returned. Kirk isn't the only one. Eric Bartley is distrustful and works with Shadowboy to stop the menace.

046 "Gotta Get 'Em" The Trickster, Ms. Foxxe, Vertigo, Metallix, Scarface, Venus & Sinezrra Eric Radomski Paul Dini November 11, 1992

The Trickster, Ms. Foxxe, Vertigo, Metallix, Scarface and Venus all meet at a poker table, each telling a tale of times when they almost defeated Gun. At the same time, Sinezrra is about to kill Tori Stone. Will Shadowboy be able to save her?

047 "Maid of Honor" Lady Hydra Frank Paur Chuck Menville February 8, 1993

Summer Nelson is down by Golden Harbor, trying to help protect the sea animals. However, after the water gets contaminated with some mutating virus, she goes venturing to save them. As a result, she mutates into Lady Hydra. Mad at the mayor for polluting the water, she plans to have his head.

048 "What is Reality?" The Questionaire Dick Sebast Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir November 24, 1992

Seeking to prove once and for all that his is the superior mind, The Questionaire lures Shadowboy into a riddle-solving contest. With the prize being Commissioner Frederick.

049 "I Am the Night" Crackhead Boyd Kirkland Michael Reaves November 10, 1992
After falling into an acidic highly unstabled chemical, Buster Crimes crime lord of the Chain Gang becomes the notorious Crackhead! Now out to steal all the many from every bank, Shadowboy must stop a former crime lord now turned supervillain.
050 "Off Balance" Killer Gator and Hilary Tampton Kevin Altieri Len Wein November 23, 1992

Dr. Phillips Mater has been undergoing strange transformations, leading up to Killer Gator. When he starts kidnapping people for ransom, Gun and Clayton must stop him.

051 "The Man Who Killed Shadowboy" Two-Ton Gang, The Jokester and The Oracle Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini February 1, 1993

When a small time gang member seemingly kills Shadowboy by accident, he gets involved with gangs all over Golden Gate, as well as The Jokester and The Oracle, none of whom believe his story that everything that is happening is by preposterous happenstance.

052 "Mudslide" The Mudmask Eric Radomski Alan Burnett September 15, 1993

The Mudmask is crumbling, literally. His mud-coated body is disintegrating. Fortunately, he manages to find a cure but needs ingredients. Spitzwell is forced to steal from Jones Tech Biomedical Labs for the cure.

053 "Paging the Crime Doctor" Man-Beast, Dr. Viktor and Dr. Milo Frank Paur Mike W. Barr, Laren Bright September 17, 1993

Dr. Thorton Von Sargott has been working with two others on the splicing of Man-Beast DNA. When all is ready, he transforms, going on a rampage throughout twon. Now, Shadowboy and Frankenstein must stop this beast of the night.

054 "Tabula Rasa" Talia Stroganoff Dick Sebast Paul Dini February 2, 1993

When several crimes have been breaking out, Shadowboy suspects Talia is back to her old tricks. When she is, he is forced into a partnership with Magicoat to stop Talia from gaining the Lasiba Larah Nu.

055 "Secret Society" The Locust Kevin Altieri Steve Perry, Laren Bright January 24, 1993

A society cult has set their sights on heroes, namely Shadowboy. However, they manage to kidnap Diamond Desmond. With nobody to turn to, Shadowboy has to rescue his friend from the perils of The Society.

056 "Queen and Venus" The Trickster, The Queen and Venus Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini January 18, 1993

The Queen and Venus start hanging out when The Trickster causes them to band together. Now with the villain planning to set off a bomb, Shadowboy must work with the girls to stop this maniacal adversary.

057 "Shadow of the Boy: Part I" Coin-Toss, Seth Rogan and Bishop Kingsley Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & T. Ruegger September 13, 1993

After working a deal out, Seth has agreed to give Adrian his pay. Meanwhile, Becky has become paranoid about Kirk and his "detective work".

058 "Shadow of the Boy: Part II" Coin-Toss and Bishop Kingsley Frank Paur Brynne Stephens September 14, 1993

Bishop Kingsley pays off a loan so that Coin-Toss may rid of Shadowboy. When they are successful, Becky steps it up, to stop the villains and find Shadowboy.

059 "The Great Brain Robbery" The Brain Dan Riba Mike Underwood, Len Wein February 22, 1993

Kirk and his friends are all on a getaway on a train. However, a living entity has hopped aboard, planning to absorb the minds of the young ones. However, who and where is he?

060 "The Awakening Part: I" Abdullah's Gara Lu and Talia Stroganoff Kevin Altieri Dennis O'Neil May 3, 1993

When Becky is abducted by Talia Stroganoff, Shadowboy decides to go thwart her and get her back. However, things take a turn for the worse when Abdullah's Gara Lu has come back and transports Shadowboy into the Demon Realm.

061 "The Awakening Part: II" Abdullah's Garah Lu Kevin Altieri Dennis O'Neil & Len Wein May 4, 1993

With her father planning an all-out nuke, Talia is forced to partner up with her arch-rival in order to stop her father's dream and save the Demon World from ultimate peril.

062 "His Silicon Soul" Vertigo and Ms. Foxxe Boyd Kirkland Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir November 20, 1992

Ms. Foxxe starts a steady relationship with Vertigo. However, the more they partner up, the more people are getting robbed. Are the two behind the crimes? If so, how can Shadowboy prove it?

063 "World's Finest" Zermasiaden Dan Riba Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens May 24, 1993

Shadowboy is flying but is transported into a world similar to Asgard. There, he meets Hammeraxe, who has been belittled by the king of the world, Zermasiaden.

064 "Ready My Lips" The Puppetmaster, Killer Gator and The Mastermind Boyd Kirkland Alan Burnett & Michael Reaves May 10, 1993

A brand-new gang has made its debut committing the slickest crimes ever, thanks to the gang leader, The Mastermind. It's up to Shadowboy to stop this slick crime master, The Puppetmaster.

065 "The Worry Men" The Jackal Frank Paur Paul Dini September 16, 1993

Wealthy socialite Wendy Bullock returns from Argentina, bringing plush toys back. Unknown to Wendy or her guests, the toys were made by The Jackal, and contains a tiny virus microchip which plants hypnotic suggestions inside the the person, causing them to steal and rob.

Season TwoEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
066 "A Better World" The Genie Boyd Kirkland Michael Reaves May 3, 1994

After rubbing a magix lamp, Winter Soldier finds himself consumed by The Genie and his mystical power. Now with the help of Miss Invincible, Shadowboy plans on saving him and stopping this magical menace.

067 "The Enemy Below" The Femme Fatals Frank Paur Michael Reaves  September 14, 1995

Someone has framed Mason for a crime on Loran Janet. He is taken into custody. However, when there are clues and markings of lipstick and nail imprints, this leads Shadowboy to believe that a band of females are behind this.

068 "Trial" The Trickster, The Questionaire, Killer Gator, Ms. Foxxe, Coin-Toss, Hilary Tampton, The Meatman, Clownface, Dr. Viktor and The Jackal Dan Riba Paul Dini & Bruce W. Timm May 16, 1994

Pacfifis' new Attorney, Violet Vreeland has gotten a grudge on Shadowboy and his "deeds". So, she tries to get him under arrest. However, this backfires and a group of villains kidnaps them both, forcing them to fight for their lives in a trial, with both of their lives on the line.

069 "The Awakening" Abduallah's Gara Lu Kevin Altieri Michael Reaves May 9, 1994

After Lawson finds the ancient scroll, he releases Abdullah's Gara Lu, who was imprisoned in there by his daughter. So, Shadowbot and his brother must find the demon and reseal him back up.

070 "House & Garden" Venus Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini May 2, 1994

Not only has Venus been let out of Starkarm Prison, but she has married Clyde Tucker, and has settled down to support two kids. However, when the entire Wonder family gets poison after a trip to the Botanical Garden, Kidd Incinvible is forced to save them.

071 "For the Man Who Has Everything" The Bull, The Mastermind & Poison Point Frank Paur Alan Burnett  September 11, 1995

After placing Poison Point in jail, Shadowboy plans to work up on Wonder Industries. However, Bill Bolan has become The Bull in an attempt to gain everything he wants, whenever he wants.

072 "Masquerade" Sinezrra Kevin Altieri Paul Dini May 23, 1994

A female associate, Kilma Conroy has been gifted with tricks and spells. However, one spell has caused her to gain supernatural abilities. With this, she plans on stealing from the vault of Grand Hall.

073 "Time Out of Joint" The Timekeeper and Dr. Sargott Dan Riba Alan Burnett October 9, 1994

Dr. Sargott creates a portal, allowing The Timekeeper to pass through. Meanwhile, Shadowboy goes on a night on the town, interrupted when The Timekeepr plans on changing the future.

074 "Catwalk" QuickClaw and The Puppetmaster Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 13, 1995

Anxious to take up an alter ego as QuickClaw, Lisa Knapp joins forces with The Puppetmaster to humiliate socialite Wendy Bullock. But the real victim is QuickClaw herself, who has been secretly set up by the puppet to take the fall for a robbery. Shadowboy then has to intercede before the furious thief makes things worse by killing the double-talking Puppetmaster.

075 "Brawn" The Skullcrusher, Bishop Kingsley and The Hobgoblin Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 10, 1994

Shadowboy comes face to face with his most powerful adversary yet, the chemically-virus induced enchanced The Skullcrusher. He has been hired by Bishop Kingsley to take down Shadowboy, in exchange for power over the city.

076 "Baby-Doll" Lady Hydra Dan Riba Paul Dini October 1, 1994

When Valery Marsh, a celebrity comes into contact with a substance similar to the Lazarus Pit, she gains superhuman abilities. One of these things include absorption. After taking part of Lady Hydra's powers, Shadowboy must save the lady before the aqua-fiend sends a torrent of terror to kill her.

077 "Beat Down" Metallix, Clownface and Two-Ton Gang Boyd Kirkland Diane Duane September 15, 1995

The Two-Ton Gang kidnaps Jamie, Tori and President Marko. With Shadowboy having no leads, he must go into drastic measures. However, what happens when Clownface sends Metallix out on the loose?

078 "Showdown" Scarface, Smooth Criminal, The Hitman and The Dragonslayer Kevin Altieri Kevin Altieri September 12, 1995

A bunch of criminals has created an all-out war to see who is the top dog of Starkarm. When Shadowboy accidentally gets into the middle of it, it is up to Eric Bartley to get him out.

079 "Q&A" The Questionaire Dan Riba Alan Burnett September 24, 1994

The Questionaire is hired to work for a toy company, vowing to turn over a new leaf. Commissioner Johnson refuses to believe he has changed, and The Questionaire soon realizes he is still obsessed with outsmarting and defeating people.

080 "The Darkness of the Night" Professor Death Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini & Michael September 17, 1994

When runaway mutants have gone wild, Shadowboy and Magicoat realizes that it can only be Professor Death. When Becky and Jamie are up for transformation, the two sets out to stop the insane doctor.

081 "Solar Power" Venus and Seth Rogan Kevin Altieri Paul Dini October 15, 1994

Venus is released from prison. However, after an incident at Artie's Superstore, a catastrophe of events turns into a comedic chase.

082 "Rags to Riches" Leslie Boyard and Grover Runbar Dan Riba Paul Dini November 19, 1994

Leslie Boyard, a multi-billionaire has Kirk Wonder and Jamie Dodgson test a prison escape sequence. However, he actually pulls the plug, causing the inmates to escape, one of them being Grover Runbar!

083 ""Make 'Em Laugh The Trickster, The Mammoth, The Oracle and The Jackal Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini & Randy  November 5, 1994

Golden Gate is plagued by an oddball of crimes, caused by the crime bosses. So, Shadowboy, Becky, Diamond & Kid Invincible sets out to put an end to the crime war.

084 "Frozen World" The Mermaid Kevin Altieri Paul Dini & November 26, 1994

The Mermaid is sprung from the polar caps region of Starkarm. However, she finds it difficult to breathe when a small-time member of the Natsiz's has poisoned her. So, Shadowboy is forced to take her to his house so that they can heal her and get the culprit.

085 "War World" The Plague and Seth Rogan Dan Riba Michael Reaves November 12, 1994

When there is a flashback of the first Winter War, it then becomes reality again when The Plague has come to take over and destroy Winter Soldier. Shadowboy and Winter Soldier plans to stop him, as they enlist the help of crime boss, Seth Rogan for help.

The New Shadowboy AdventuresEdit

This is the direct sequel of Shadowboy Adventures and is a follow-up, continuing a few weeks after the events of the last episode of the previous series.










Dan Riba

Paul Dini

September 13, 1997

A portal to the magic world opens up and out of it comes a mysterious lady. When she causes chaos wherever she goes, she finally plans on turning Golden Gate into a floating rock. However, where is Shadowboy?


"Sins of the Father"


Curt Geda

Rich Fogel

September 20, 1997

Young orphan Jericho becomes Shadowboy's new temporary ward when he becomes involved in one of Coin-Toss' deadly plots.


"Cold Comfort"

The Sabretooth, The Mastermind, Scarface and Dehli Morgan

Dan Riba

Hilary J. Bader

October 11, 1997

Kirk and his class heads up to the ski resort. However, a few villains has banded together to make life painful, when they hear that Shadowboy is there as well. Things get worse when Lawson and Margaret are on the verge of getting eaten by a feral animal.


"Double Talk"

The Puppetmaster and The Jokester

Curt Geda

Robert Goodman

November 22, 1997

Morris Clifton is released from Starkarm, completely free of his puppet persona. But Morsal's old gang, needing their old boss back, begin working to drive Clifton back to his old ways.


"You Scratch My Back"


Dan Riba

Hilary J. Bader

November 15, 1997

The new villain, QuickClaw, a feline menace has come to town, causing robberies and bank heists all around. When Presidnt Marko and Jamie Ticket plan a capture reward, Jamie plans on getting in on that.


"Never Fear"

Two-Ton Gang

Kenji Hachizaki

Stan Berkowitz

November 1, 1997

When Kirk and Tori finish a date, she is kidnapped by Boss Bling. Wanting her back, Shadowboy confronts her but finds out that the Two-Ton Gang has really gotten her. With the help of Sapphire, Shadowboy plans to get her back.


"Bishop's Millions"

Bishop Kingsley, Scarface and Venus

Dan Riba

Paul Dini

February 21, 1998

Crime boss Ryan Barlow dies and in his will leaves his arch-rival, Bishop Kingsley, a large fortune. Bishop immediately invests in this money. However, when Barlow's attorneys reveal to have been tracking the money, he must pay up what he owes.



The Mudmask

Atsuko Tanaka

Paul Dini and Robert Goodman

February 28, 1998

Margaret befriends a young girl and begins to show her around town. However, it turns out to be the niece of former actor, Molasses Spitzwell. After searching the city in and out, he intends on getting her back.


"Fallen Hero"

Diamond and The Oracle

Butch Lukic

Steve Gerber & Rod Walker

July 11, 1998

After an incident with diamonds, the birth of a new villain surfaces to the city. However, Shadowboy is already held up with The Oracle. When Diamond starts robbing jewelry stores, she finds her way to robbing Kirk's Lazarus Pit Crystals.


"Torch Song"

Waylon Deekers

Curt Geda

Rich Fogel & Nigel Doken

June 13, 1998

Kirk and his mother has been slacking lately and when they find that fellow mutant, Waylon Deekers has been freeing prisoners at Starkarm, Shadowboy, Eric and Talia all goes to stop him to get their spots back.


"The Ultimate Thrill"

The Mutant, Bruce Caviar and Titanium-Man

Dan Riba

Hilary J. Bader

September 14, 1998

Bruce Caviar transforms a regular bystander into the villain known as The Mutant. With that, he works with Titanium-Man and they go on a crime spree. With Kirk away, Kid Invincible and Powergem must stop them.


"Over the Edge"

The Skullcrusher and The Mammoth

Yuichiro Yano

Paul Dini & Rex Cugler

May 23, 1998

After having himself severely injured, Jamie is put in the hospital. Wanting revenge, Shadowboy searches for the villains who did this. Only to find that both The Skullcrusher and The Mammoth have come back for revenge.


"The Terror Beyond"

The Meatman

Hiroyuki Aoyama

Hilary J. Bader

April 25, 1998

When the city gets clogged up by billion pounds of meat, this leads Shadowbot to believe that The Meatman has returned to a life of crime. However, where is the Meatman?



The Hitman and Seth Rogan

Dan Riba

Steve Gerber & Joe R. Lansdale

September 19, 1998

Shadowboy has been living luxury. However, when he has to look after Becky's parents, The Hitman sees this as an opportunity to strike Shadowboy.


"Cult of the Cat"

Ms. Foxxe, Bishop Kingsley and QuickClaw

Butch Lukic

Paul Dini & Stan Berkowitz

September 18, 1998

QuickClaw is being hunted down by Ms. Foxxe and Bishop Kingsley. She requests the help of Shadowboy. However, things get tough when she plans on stealing everything from Wonder Industries.


"Animal Act"

Killer Gator and Killer Bat

Curt Geda

Hilary J. Bader

September 26, 1998

WhenKirk  takes a trip to Nightmare City, he meets both Frankenstein and Feral there. However the city is being terrorized by Killer Bat, who has a vendetta and Killer Gator, who has tracked Shadowboy down to get him.


"Old Wounds"

The Trickster

Curt Geda

Rich Fogel

October 3, 1998

The Trickster breaks out of Starkarm and plans on getting Shadowboy by "hitting him where it hurts", he finds the Wonder Household to where he slaughtersKirk 's father, Roger Wonder. Will Shadowboy be able to hold himself back from killing his own arch-nemesis?


"The Demon Within"

The Bull

Atsuko Tanaka

Rusti Bjornhoel & Stan Berkowitz

May 9, 1998

When a rodeo comes into town, a bet comes up for Margaret. When she decides to enter,s he is distraught when she must race The Bull for the win.


"Legends of the Dark Knight"

The Jokester, Two-Ton Gang and Hilary Tampton

Dan Riba

Robert Goodman & Bruce Timm

October 10, 1998

After the Jokester's last crime, he creates a living organism known as The Human Entity. When Shadowboy befriends him, the two plans on ending The Jokester's career as a villain.


"Girls' Night Out"

Ms. Foxxe, The Oracle, Enchantress, The Mermaid and Sinezzra

Curt Geda

Hilary J. Bader

October 17, 1998

With all the guys out of town, this leaves Tori, Becky, Margaret, Miss Invincible, Sapphire, Talia, Magicoat and Hammeraxe to bring the main female villains to justice.


"Mad Love"

The Jokester and Cherry Onslaut

Butch Lukic

Paul Dini & Bruce Timm

January 16, 1999

Cherry Onslaut, has been struggling with her feelings for the Jokester. When she finally gets her chance, she thinks up a plan to rid of her main competition--- Shadowboy!




Butch Lukic

Stan Berkowitz

October 24, 1998

The funeral for Roger Wonder is today. However, Kirk is caught up when Venus has him locked, along with most people he has come into contact with. How will he make it to the funeral in time?


"Beware the Creeper"

The Mutant and The Trickster

Dan Riba

Steve Gerber

November 7, 1998

After exposure to a highy acidic gas, The Mutant mutates even further. Now, he is out to kill the Trickster. So, Shadowboy and a new girl, Mystic plans on stopping his reign, However, he develops a crush on Mystic.


"Judgment Day"

Metallix, Coin-Toss and The Hitman

Curt Geda

Rich Fogel & Alan Burnett

October 31, 1998

Metallix is back and is working for Coin-Toss. He gets him to steal drugs and motors. However, when Metallix builds a Harvest Machine, what is really for?

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