Frankenstein (2013) is the remake/reboot of a famous comic book superhero, Frankenstein. This is the reboot of Frankenstein: Evolution, and will show episodes featuring villains that were not featured during the show's run. This series has a sequel series with the same formate called, Frankenstein: First Class.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Frankenstein
  • Percival "Percy" Jameson
  • Jen Bullock

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Rusty Lad
  • Frankenstein Jr.
  • Nuke
  • JoeDanny

Season OneEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
001 "The Monster known as Frankenstein" Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 6, 1992
Dr. Zing creates a monster called Frankenstein. When he fails to get Frankenstein to destroy Nightmare City, he gets his Giant Robot. Percy and Jen, two humans helps Frankenstein defeat his own creator.
002 "Traction" Frankenstein X & Dr. Zing Kent Butterworth Eddie Gorodetsky November 13, 1992
Dr. Zing creates another Frankenstein to take the original's place. However, it was incomplete and was turned into Frankenstein X. After defeating Frankenstein, he betrays Dr. Zing. The two then teams up to stop a formidable opponent.
003 "Fear" Dr. Mandarin Boyd Kirkland Henry T. Gilroy & Sean Catherine September 15, 1992
Frankenstein and co. all goes out to for food until they see the Planetarium lighting up. When they find the insane scientist, Dr. Mandarin. They must stop him before he turns Nightmare City into his own world.
004 "Gear Mechanism" Mechanic Kevin Altieri Carl Swenson September 22, 1992
Frankenstein breaks the Institution of Metallic Wonders. Mike Milles seeks revenge and becomes Mechanic. He creates a machine Heavy Machine that is created to get rid of Frankenstein. When Frankenstein defeats it, he must stop Mechanic form repairing it.
005 "Hide & Seek" Killer Wolf, Dr. Zing & Dr. Mandarin Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini and Michael Reaves September 14, 1992
Dr. Zing and Dr. Mandarin both does an experiment on a wolf, creating Killer Wolf. When it goes on a rampage, it is up to Frankenstein to stop it.
006 "Outrage" Outrage, Dr. Zing & Mechanic Frank Paur Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by Jules October 21, 1992
Percy and Jen both are captured by Dr. Zing. Frankenstein goes to rescue him but is defeated when a new villain named Outrage comes. With Outrage getting stronger, Frankenstein must learn to outsmart him.
007 "Bind" The Bonecrusher Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian (Teleplay September 18, 1992
Frankenstein is sent to go retrieve the Stone of Majesty so Dr. Zing cannot use it. However, he is stropped by the Bonecrusher who wants it as well. When the two titans clash, Percy and Jen must find a way to stop Bonecrusher or the whole city could be destroyed.
008 "Boulder" The Boulder & Dr. Zing Boyd Kirkland Jules Dennis, Richard October 8, 1992
Dr. Zing tries again to make a creation. However, he ends creating a a humanoid boulder. He then sends Boulder out to eliminate Frankenstein.
009 "Be a Clown" Clownface Frank Paur Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes September 16, 1992
After going to the circus, a villain named Clownface hypnotizes the crowd, leaving only Jen left to stop him. But what happens when Clownface gets the whole audience against her?
010 "The Phantom: Menace Part I" Menace & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Kevin Altieri Alan Burnett (Teleplay September 25, 1992
A professor named Dr. Magnus Msterious uses local Ben Daves for an experiment. He transforms him into the Menace and sends him on a mission to defeat Frankenstein.
011 "The Phantom: Menace Part II" Menace, Dr. Zing & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Kevin Altieri Randy Rogel September 28, 1992
After presumably killing Frankenstein, Menace starts to shroud Nightmare City in despair and darkness. He then plans to use the Lunar energy to drain all of the water and send the Earth to the Sun.
012 "The Big Chill" Dr. Zing & Snowman Boyd Kirkland Tom Ruegger (Teleplay September 10, 1992
After being defeated countless times, Dr. Zing finally creates the meaning of pure cold evil, Snowman. When Frankenstein fails to defeat it twice, Dr. Zing takes advantage of that and manages to activate its true potential. Percy then helps Frankenstein with his strentgh being Cold and he challenges Snowman to one last fight.
013 "Freak Wave" Dr. Magnus Mysterious Frank Paur Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell September 30, 1992
Nightmare City is calm until a Freak Wave is said to hit. When Dr. Magnus Mysterious takes advantage of this, he plans to make the wave hit straight for Frankenstein's House. Frankenstein then goes to stop the Freak Wave and Mysterious.
014 "The Killer Bat" Killer Bat, Dr. Zing, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Giant Robot Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini September 7, 1992
After defeating Dr. Zing and his Giant Robot, Frankenstein and co. go to celebrate. Meanwhile, Dr. Magnus Mysterious mutates a Bat forming, Killer Bat. With the Killer Bat stealing blood from humans, Frankenstein must stop it.
015 "Depths of Revenge: Part I" Vengeance Kevin Altieri Sean Catherine Derek September 5, 1992
After an accident at the Planetarium Vengeance a new villain is born. He starts to exact his revenge on Mandar. Tech and starts to destroy everything. Frankenstein encounters him and must deal with the power of revenge.
016 "Depths of Revenge: Part II" Vengeance, Dr. Mandarin & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Dick Sebast Sean Catherine Derek September 12, 1992
With Frankenstein presumably dead, Percy and Jen gets the help from Dr. Mandarin as Vengeance is going to destroy him. When Dr. Magnus Mysterious saves Frankenstein, he tries to possess him which fails. Frankenstein then must stop Vengeance and save Dr. Mandarin.
017 "For Real" The Boulder Dan Riba Martin Pasko February 24, 1993
When Frankenstein is testing his strength, The Boulder challenges him to a weight lifting contest. When he accepts, the two tests their abilities. Frankenstein ends up losing when The Boulder cheats. Percy then trains him to lift even greater weights.
018 "The Worry Seed" The Woodhammer Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & Tom November 4, 1992
Percy accidentally plants a seed. When it sprouts, it sprouts a mutated metahuman named The Woodhammer. When the Woodhammer betrays Percy, he defeats Frankenstein and Percy must stop what he let terrorize the city.
019 "Nightstalk" The Ravine Frank Paur Dennis Marks (Teleplay by Sean October 6, 1992
A man known as the greatest bird scientist in the world is frustrated when Mayor Muggle wants to send the Ravine birds away, the scientist becomes the new villain known as, The Ravine. Frankenstein must stop this bird-obsessed freak.
020 "Enter the Basilisx: Part I" Dr. Zing, Menace, Clownface & Basilisx Dick Sebast Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 8, 1992
Dr. Zing teams up with Menace to stop Frankenstein. However, they are delayed by Clownface who messes with his inventions. When he destroys a chemical that takes over for itself, it heads for town. To Frankenstein's surprise, he shows up at the Laboratory to fight the trio.
021 "Enter the Basilisx: Part II" Basilisx, Dr. Zing & Clownface Kevin Altieri Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 9, 1992
As the creature still lurks Nightmare City, Dr. Zing explains what happened. The two then works together as Percy and Jen distracts it. When Dr. Zing uses his Tractor Beam, it weakens it. However, Frankenstein confronts it on top of the Nightmare Tower as Frankenstein goes head to head with the new villain, Basilisx.
022 "Into the Wild" The Wilderbeast, Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 11, 1992

After getting his Giant Robot destroyed in battle, Dr. Zing retreats to his HQ to rebuild it. Jen and Frankenstein are thrilled to go camping, Percy hates it. When he wanders, he meets a Wilderbeast and gets bit. He then undergoes a transformation into the Wilderbeast. Frankenstein must stop his best friend from endangering the city and himself.

023 "Vendetta" The Vendetta Frank Paur Michael Reaves October 5, 1992
Frankenstein & co. has an unexpected visitor, Rusty Lad. When he tells them of urgent news of many people having their faces removed, Frankenstein and co. goes to investigate. When looking through the evidence and clues, Frankenstein comes face to face with the facechanger himself, The Vendetta.
024 "Royale Rumble" Magnor Dick Sebast Samuel Warren Joseph September 29, 1992
During an expidition match against Rey Mysterion, Frankenstein gets teleported aboard a ship where the controller, Magnor holds the Gladiator Battles for Survival. As Frankenstein fights his way through, he makes it to the final stage and to win, he must be the host himself, Magnor!
025 "The Red Claw" Clawface, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Dr. Zing & Clownface Kevin Altieri David Wise September 21, 1992
Dr. Magnus Mysterious uses Dr. Zing to help him with a new project. They create a metahuman, designed to rid of Frankenstein. However, Clownface lays a gas on it, altering it completely. When it is complete, the villain known as Clawface prepares to hunt and kill Frankenstein.


Rapier Boyd Kirkland Gerry Conway, from the September 17, 1992
Jen is indecisive when she cannot choose which sword to use in the game. When Rapier arrives, Frankenstein prepares to stop him but fails when Rapier proves to be a formidable opponent. He then kidnaps Jen. The two must then save her as she engages in a full on sword battle with Rapier.
027 "The Return of Killer-Bat" Killer Bat & Mechanic Frank Paur Paul Dini October 12, 1992
Kid Jimmy spots Killer Bat and takes a rid on it as a pet. After confronting Frankenstein and co. Kid Jimmy believes that Frankenstein is trying to kill Killer Bat and orders him to attack. After defeating him, Frankenstein is ambushed by Mechanic. As Percy and Jen busts him out, Killer Bat strikes there again. Franknestein must think of a way to stop Killer Bat without harming Kid Jimmy.
028 "Dreams in Darkness" Dreamo Dick Sebast Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens November 3, 1992
When Frankenstein starts to have nightmares, he finds out that a villain named Dreamo is hidden somewhere and taking advantage of him through his dreams. Percy and Jen then plans to enter his mind to rid of Dreamo.
029 "Eternal Youth" Overdose & Outrage Kevin Altieri Beth Bornstein September 23, 1992
Two villainous brothers by the name of Overdose and Outrage both goes on a rampage looking for the Fountain of Youth. When they find it, they plan to destroy it. Frankenstein tries to stop them but is reverted by into his Frankenboy state. Percy, Jen and the younger Frankenboy now must stop the two.
030 "Attack of the Killer Garden Gnomes" GardenGnome & Dr. Mandarin Boyd Kirkland Laren Bright & Michael Reaves October 19, 1992
Dr. Mandarin puts his genious to test after his plan gets foiled by Frankenstein and co. He brings a Garden Gnome to life and chips it with the ideal to create destruction everywhere. Can Frankenstein stop something that does not even breathe?
031 "Blindspot" Menace, Killer Wolf, Dr. Zing, Overdose, The Ravine & Tin Man Frank Paur Elliot S. Maggin October 14, 1992
Menace returns but with Killer Wolf, Overdose, The Ravine and Tin Man by his side. Dr. Zing uses this to his advantage and absorbs their powers with each confrontation they have with Frankenstein. Eventually, Frankenstein catches on and gets the others to capture and get revenge on Dr. Zing.
032 "Origins: Part I" Vain, Dr. Zing & Dr. Mandarin Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 7, 1993

After an arguement, Dr. Zing and Dr. Mandarin split up as crime partners. They are then taken into custody by the police. Meanwhile, a new villain by the name of Vain plots the destruction of Frankenstein.

033 "Origins: Part II" Vain & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 14, 1993
Vain seeks the help of Dr. Magnus Mysterious in his ultimate plan, until he double crosses him and so after Frankenstein's defeat to Vain, Dr. Magnus Mysterious comes to his senses and decides to help him. This leads to Frankenstein defeating Vain, due to Dr. Magnus Mysterious saving him.
034 "Jaws of Glory" Bloodhound Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini (Based on January 10, 1993
Nightmare City is under attack by a plague of dogs. Jen is caught in the wildfire of things and Frankenstein goes to rescue as Percy is sick. When Frankenstein comes face to face with Bloodhound, he must learn a dog's weakness.
035 "Night of the Ninja" The Black Kotana Kevin Altieri Steve Perry October 26, 1992
Frankenstein and co. along with Rusty Lad and Frankenstein Jr. goes to a Japanese testing site as Frankenstein was chosen to be in a simulation. However, the Black Kotana seeks revenge and cuts the electrical cords, trapping both him and Frankenstein in the simulation.
036 "Wizards" The Wizard & Cox Boyd Kirkland Sean Catherine Derek November 5, 1992
The Wizard teaches his "son", Cox that to be a true wizard, he must past a final exam, defeat Frankenstein. After losing to Frankenstein, the Wizard aids him and defeats him. Percy then discovers how to beat him and Frankenstein uses Cox's failure to his advantage.
037 "Monster Madness" Monstro, Cox & Clownface Frank Paur David Wise (Based on October 29, 1992
After putting Cox & Clownface in jail, two scientists create a monster called Monstro. When the beast goes out of control, it is up to Frankenstein to stop it.
038 "The Steel Wool: Part I" Bulletshed Kevin Altieri Brynne Stephens November 16, 1992
Percy and Jen celebrates Frankenstein's birthday. However, he is not having a good time as he struggles to find out why some of his adversaries have been going loose in other towns. However, when he goes to investigate with Rusty Lad, they encounter a metahuman of another world.
039 "The Steel Wool: Part II" Bulletshed & Dr. Zing Kevin Altieri Brynne Stephens November 17, 1992
The metahuman was revealed to be Bulletshed, a super villain who was seeking revenge on the capitol for doubting his blueprints to begin a revolution to end all revolutions. After defeating the Dynamic Duo, Bulletshed makes his way to the Mayor's Office. When about to kill the mayor, Dr. Zing stops him and Percy and Jen thwos Frankenstein, thus defeating him when they fall out a window.
040 "Metal Conducters" Metallic & Mechanic Eric Radomski David Wise November 18, 1992
Mechanic is baffled when he is released form prison. When he spots Metallic, he sneaks him out of prison as well. The two thn begins to take over Nightmare City. When Frankenstein is unable to stop the formidable duo, he must rely on his weakness to defeat them.
041 "Eye for an Eye" Dr. Zing Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini November 19, 1992
Dr. Zing is fed up with Frankenstein always foiling his plans and the two decides to try and end their rivalry. With Dr. Zing trying to kill him, Frankenstein actually planned a big prank on him, after their short fight.
042 "Public Enemies" Rapier, The Bonecrusher, Bloodhound, Clownface & The Vendetta Frank Paur Michael Reaves and Randy Rogel (Teleplay October 30, 1992
The police force gets a breaking news of a massacre opf super villains rising up together to start a new age. When Frankenstein is blamed for everything, he must take down this group of rogues before he is the one executed.
043 "Moon of the Wolf" Killer Wolf Dick Sebast Len Wein November 12, 1992
Strange sightings of an animal haunts the city of Nightmare. When Percy and Jen goes to figure it out, they realize that it is not the work of Killer Bat or the Wilderbeast, but Killer Wolf!
044 "Day of the Samurai" The Black Kotana & Dr. Mandarin Bruce W. Timm Steve Perry February 23, 1993
The Black Kotana returns to kill Frankenstein. However, he encounters Dr. Mandarin and the two teams up. Percy and Jen are kidnapped when going home from a play, leaving Frankenstein to fall into their trap, the MegaIron Beam Cannon.
045 "Terror in the Sky" Killer Bat Boyd Kirkland Steve Perry, Mark Saraceni November 9, 1992
When a giant bat sucks enough blood, it undergoes a strange post-transformation and everything about it is enhanced. After encountering the Killer Bat, Percy is revealed to have been infected by a disease that Killer Bat transferred after biting him. Frankenstein must defeat and get the cure form Killer Bat or suffer his best friend's grave consequence.
046 "Catch 'Em" Dr. Zing, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Mechanic, Metallix, Bulletshed, & The Boulder Eric Radomski Paul Dini November 11, 1992
Dr. Zing, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Mechanic, Metallic and Bulletshed told stories of how they grew to have their hatred for Frankenstein. Meanwhile, the Boulder plans to drop a bomb on Times Square.
047 "Jaguars" The Panther & The Cougar Frank Paur Chuck Menville February 8, 1993
After Frankenstein joins the olympics, he easily gets 1st place in every event and easily outclasses the Jaguar bros. Wanting revenge, a scientist mutates them to have the powers and abilities of a Panther and a Couagr. The two then prepares to get their revenge on the thing that ruined their career.
048 "What is Reality?" Clownface Dick Sebast Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir November 24, 1992
Clownface sends Frankenstein and Frankneboy into a time gap hole that forces them to see the world in the eyes of Clownface. When the duo tries to find and stop him, they must search the entire city to find him.
049 "I Am the Night" The Bison, Dr. Mandarin & Menace Boyd Kirkland Michael Reaves November 10, 1992
Dr. Mandarin mutates a man as an experiment however, Menace causes a malfunction on it with his own powers. This causes the man to become the Bison. The Bison seeks to kill Menace for ruining his life, can Frankenstein save one of his greatest enemies in time?
050 "Off Balance" Dr. Zing, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & GardenGnome Kevin Altieri Len Wein November 23, 1992
GardenGnome returns as a prototype of Dr. Magnuis Mysterious' real plan. When putting him to the test, Dr. Zing is determined to out-do the lawn ornament in a game to end Frankenstein for good.
051 "Pinpoint" Dr. Minister, Ooze & Cementiahead Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini February 1, 1993
A man named Dr. Minister creates two living beings using his DNA and other particles like bacteria and much more. When Rusty Lad is captured, the heroes must save him.
052 "Freakshow" The Ringmaster Eric Radomski Alan Burnett September 15, 1993
Percy is controlled by the Ringmaster as well as the rest of Nightmare City. He then sees his friends becoming that too and plans a plan to defeat the Ringmaster.
053 "Paging the Crime Doctor" Dr. Sargott & The Black Kotana Frank Paur Mike W. Barr, Laren Bright September 17, 1993
Dr. Thorton von Sargott is saddened when his wife leaves him. He hires the Black Kotana to take out all of his enemies. Meanwhile, he begins to try and splice himself, using the Man-Beast mutagen.
054 "Home" Dr. Mandarin Dick Sebast, Dan Riba Paul Dini February 2, 1993
Dr. Mandarin kidnaps Frankestein Jr. When Frankenstein and co. goes to foil his plans, they are trapped. Frankenstein Jr. must then rise up and save them.
055 "The Mechanic" Mechanic, Heavy Machine & Tin Man Kevin Altieri Steve Perry, Laren Bright January 24, 1993

When Mechanic escaped from jail, he seeks revenge on Frankenstein. He decides to use his Heavy Machine to his advantage. However, he also teams up with Tin Man to rid of their enemy.

056 "The Beast Within" The Wilderbeast & The Woodhammer Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini January 18, 1993
When The Wilderbeast returns, he brings along The Woodhammer after running into him at a bar. The duo are successful in destroying Frankenstein's house. However, Frankenstein was mutated by Dr. Zing and has a beast of his own.
057 "The Shadowkeeper: Part I" The Shadowkeeper, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Clownface Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & T. Ruegger September 13, 1993
The police solves a mystery but Dr. Magnus Mysterious tells them that everything is alright as the shadows are being created by a certain person. When the heroes goes to investigate, they find Clownface with a wierd shadow like creature.
058 "The Shadowkeeper: Part II" The Shadowkeeper Frank Paur Brynne Stephens September 14, 1993
The creature dubs the name Shadowkeeper and seeks to use shadows to destroy people. He suceeds at downtown. When Frankenstein is defeated, he must learn to rid himself of his shadow for good.
059 "Beat Down" Boulder, The Black Kotana, The Vendetta, Bulletshed, The Jaguar, & The Bison Dan Riba Mike Underwood, Len Wein February 22, 1993
A group of vigilantes break out of prison and forms an alliance to rid themselves of Frankenstein. When they decided to attack him head on, he was defeated and could not beat them. However, Percy and Jen teaches him how to use their attacks against them and their teammates.
060 "The Demon's Quest: Part I" Abdullah's Gara Lu Kevin Altieri Dennis O'Neil May 3, 1993
Jen is abducted and so a mysterious man named Abdullah's Garah Lu comes and decides to make a truce with Frankenstein and Percy. When they reach the Demon World, they are surprised to find Jen's youth gone.
061 "The Demon's Quest: Part II" Abdullah's Garah Lu Kevin Altieri Dennis O'Neil & Len Wein May 4, 1993
Frankenstein and Percy then witnesses Abdullah's Garah Lu's youth restoring and realized he tricked them in order to gain their youth's as well. When the two battle him vigoriously, they cannot hold their own. It is up to an old Jen to stop him.
062 "Mudslide" The Mudmask Boyd Kirkland Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir November 20, 1992
Nightmare City is quiet until a giant mudslide is hurdling in it, destroying and carrying everything in its path. The villain the Mudmask is responsible for this and so Frankenstein and Frankenstein Jr. must stop him before the whole city is gone.
063 "Stealthbomber" The Stealthbomber, Killer Wolf & Dr. Zing Dan Riba Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens May 24, 1993
Dr. Zing defeats Killer Wolf and tries to experiment on him until a weird craeture named the Stealthbomber comes in and requires service from him. When doing so, Franknestein must deal with his most defensive opponent yet.
064 "Read My Lips" The Ventriloquist Boyd Kirkland Alan Burnett & Michael Reaves May 10, 1993
Short robberies are being commited by the Ventriloquist. When they run into Frankenstein, they use deception and trickery to outsmart him. With Frankenstein stealing as well, Percy and Jen must stop the Ventriloquist and his cronies.
065 "Doomsday" Doomsday, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, The Ravine & Clownface Frank Paur Paul Dini September 16, 1993
A villain named Doomsday, created by Dr. Magnus Mysterious goes to his reign of terror. He presumably kills Frankenstein and captures Percy and Jen. Meanwhile, Rusty Lad and Frakenstein Jr. defeats The Ravine and Clownface. Frankenstein returns for a last confrontation with Doomsday. Note: This is an hour episode.

Season TwoEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
066 "The Hunter" Hunter Ross Boyd Kirkland Michael Reaves May 3, 1994
Frankenstein goes out hunting until Percy is captured by a hunter known as Hunter Ross. Hunter Ross then prepares to turn Percy into a trophy for all eternity. Frankenstein and Jen ventures to defeat Hunter Ross and save Percy.
067 "The Steel Bullet" Bulletshed, Dr. Zing & Dr. Minister Frank Paur Michael Reaves (from September 14, 1995
A new dr. called Dr. Minister helps Dr. Zing when they upgrade on Bulletshed to assassinate Frankenstein. When the two finish, Frankenstein easily defeats him. He then must save the two Doctors before Bulletshed kills them.
068 "Trial" Carter Peter Dan Riba Paul Dini & Bruce W. Timm May 16, 1994

A man named Carter Peter sues Frankenstein for everything he has ever done. When he is put up for a trial, his lawyer, Ms. Agatha (a woman who hates his guts) must prove his innocence.

069 "Avatar" The Mermaid Kevin Altieri Michael Reaves May 9, 1994
Frankenstein and co. go fishing in the arctic waters. However, they spy a mermaid. She uses her powers to take control over Frankenstein, Percy and Jen must stop her.
070 "House & Garden" GardenGnome, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Clawface, The Ravine & Metallic Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini May 2, 1994
Dr. Magnus Mysterious is baffled when his recruits: Clawface, The Ravine and Metallic fails to stop Frankenstein and Frankenstein Jr. He then hires GardenGnome and the villain takes the duo in a house where he rules. Can they escape with their lives?
071 "Gray Matter" Morphiplo Frank Paur Alan Burnett & Michael Reaves September 11, 1995
A new villain named Morphiplo is tormented by an evil spirit and so it starts to drain Nightmare City of its color. When he succeeds, Frankenstein and co. must get the color back and help Morphiplo.
072 "The Quest" Hans, Dr. Zing & The Vendetta Kevin Altieri Paul Dini May 23, 1994
Percy accidentally opens a riphole and unleashes a barbarian named Hans. Dr. Zing then uses Hans to his advantage. Meanwhile, Frankenstein defeated the Vendetta, Hans defeats him. Frankenstein must then use brains to beat his foe.
073 "Time Out of Joint" Metallic Boulder Dan Riba Alan Burnett October 9, 1994
As the Boulder and Metallic teamed up to fight Frankenstein, Frankenstein and Jen trapped them in the conveyerbelt however, Percy unleashes the ray and fuses them. With them stronger than ever, Frankenstein will have to find a new way to defeat Metallic Boulder.
074 "Catwalk" The Bison & Jynx Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 13, 1995
The Bison returns working with a girl named Jynx. However, Jynx does nothing right and he outcasted her. Frankenstein then helps her move in and together they both stop the crimes the Bison has been causing. Eventually, the Bison gets Jynx back on his side when going to jail.
075 "Brawn" Frankenstein X Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 10, 1994
When Frankenstein and co. are troubled when they are taken to court for something "Frankenstein" did. Frankenstein X then comes in midway to settle the score with Frankenstein.
076 "Only Human" Dr. Zing Dan Riba Paul Dini October 1, 1994
Frankenstein and co. are celebrating the annaversary of the day he became a hero. However, Dr. Zing takes advantage of that and keeps haunting Frankenstein that he is never going to be like humans and actually fit in. Frankenstei must then overcome this.
077 "Forces of Nature" Vain, Clawface & The Ventriloquist Boyd Kirkland Diane Duane, Philip Morwood September 15, 1995
Vain returns and acquires the assistance of Clawface and the Ventriloquist. When the two does their part, they go into hiding as Vain causes the weather to change by what he thinks. Can Frankenstein stop him before Nightmare City plunges under the weather?
078 "Showdown" Atlas, Mechanic & Metallic Boulder Kevin Altieri Kevin Altieri, Paul Dini, Bruce W. September 12, 1995
When Frankenstein proves Atlas wrong in an online argument, Atlas challenges him. When the two duel, Mechanic & Metallic Boulder are stopped Rusty Lad. However, it is up to Rusty Lad, Percy and Jen to stop Atlas when Frankenstein is defeated.
079 "The Evil Within" Beluga, Dr. Mandarin, The Wizard & Killer Bat Dan Riba Alan Burnett, Paul Dini September 24, 1994
A villain known as Beluga comes and demands power from Dr. Mandarin. He then gets the Wizard to give him power. As a transportation, he has Killer Bat as his disposal. When Frankenstein is trapped, Percy and Jen must rescue him so he may stop the train crash.
080 "Last Hope" Party Dragon Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini & Michael Reaves September 17, 1994
When the heroes goes to China-Bow City, they find a live Dragon that is stealing energy from people who are praising. Frankenstein and Jen both then plans to stop this villain.
081 "Hemoglobion" Bloodbath & Dr. Zing Kevin Altieri Paul Dini October 15, 1994
When Frankenstein is out buying stuff, he runs into a robber known as Bloodbath who has a dream. When the two fight, Frankenstein is defeated. Bloodbath then plans to absorb the power from the Power Plant to start a revolution. When the two encounter again, Frankenstein loses. Frankenstein then learns of his strengths of cold. He then manages to defeat Bloodbath, but at a price of Bloodbath being "dead."
082 "Lock-Up" The Cometh, Dr. Minister, Killer Wolf, Clownface & Monstro Dan Riba Paul Dini November 19, 1994
A villain known as the Cometh captures Frankenstein with the help of Dr. Minister. Meanwhile, Frankenstein Jr. & Rusty Lad must stop Killer Wolf, Clownface and Monstro and save him before he is drained of all of his energy and reverted back to his post-form.
083 "Vanish" Vain & Mechanic Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini & Randy Rogel November 5, 1994
Vain is back and uses Mechanic's help to conduct an evil deed. He then blows up a testing site. When Frankenstein is unable to stop the bombs, he must find the source. However, after stopping Mechanic, it is revealed that the real mastermind has just begun his work.
084 "The Deep Freeze" Snowman & Mermaid Kevin Altieri Paul Dini & Bruce W. Timm November 26, 1994

When going to the arctics for a fishing lesson, Jen is dragged into the Icy Fortress of Snowman. Frankenstein and Percy then goes to save her but discover that Snowman is distracting them so the Mermaid can steal her beauty. When she is almost complete, Frankenstein manages to bust in at the last moment. However, he must deal with the awakening of the Mermaid's beast form.

085 "Frankenstein's Last Stand" Megadoom Dan Riba Michael Reaves & Brynne Stephens November 12, 1994
A villain known as Megadoom destroys Nightmare City and conquers the land. When Frankenstein and co. fails to stop him, they get captured. He then sends Frankenstein sometime into the future where he is at the peak of his reign. Frankenstein must find his way back and stop Megadoom.

Season 3Edit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
086 "Holiday Knights" Crag & Man-Crag Dan Riba Paul Dini September 13, 1997
When the Commander notices sightings of giant flying creatures. He suspects it to be either Killer Bat or the Ravine back at it. However, he quickly discovers that they are creatures of another world. Frankenstein must find the Commander before he is dropped dead by midnight.
087 "Chain & Command" Rapier & Hans Curt Geda Rich Fogel September 20, 1997
Rapier returns and unites Hans with his weapons. The two then destroys the Building of Federation. They then go and captures Rusty Lad and the Commander's daughter. Frankenstein and co. goes to save them but Hans manages to defeat them. Now, Lila must convince Hans and Rapier to stop their madness before they are dropped in acid.
088 "Cold Comfort" Snowman, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Dr. Minister Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader October 11, 1997
Dr. Magnus Mysterious and Dr. Minister decides to work together but Dr. Minister steps inside snow but the snow was Snowman so he is stuck inside it. The two then covers Nightmare City in a terra-freeze lot. Now, Frankenstein must find a way to stop the cold.
089 "Lightspeed" Mobo, Mechanic & Magnor Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz November 1, 1997
Mobo is under a serum from Magnor. However, Mobo goes chaotic and starts destroying the city. Meanwhile, Magnor is building his fortress. Frankenstein seeks the help of Mechanic to defeat Mobo and save Nightmare City from the reign of Magnor.
090 "Secrets" Dr. Zing Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader November 15, 1997
Dr. Zing finds a map that expands across the city. He then goes searching for it and finds different weapons that he could use on Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Frankenstein and Percy both finds an opposing map which leads them both to the key to destroy the other.
091 "Double Talk" The Ventriloquist, The Ravine, The Panther, The Cougar & The Ringmaster Curt Geda Robert Goodman November 22, 1997
The Ventriloquist is released from prison and actually turns over a new leaf. However, The Ravine & The Ringmaster drives him back into a life of crime. From there, they leave the Jaguar brothers to do the rest. Can Frankenstein stop the Ventriloquist before every prisoner is released?
092 "Sheer Cold" The Mermaid, Dr. Zing, Dr. Mandarin & Carter Peter Dan Riba Paul Dini February 21, 1998
The Mermaid is defeated by Frankenstein and Rusty Lad. She then seeks help from Dr. Mandarin. Meanwhile, Dr. Zing & Carter Peter tries to find the Mermaid to help defeat Frankenstein for good.
093 "Growing Pains" The Mudmask Atsuko Tanaka Paul Dini and Robert  February 28, 1998
Frankenstein is discomforted when he relives his origins and how everyone use to hate him and they still could. However, the Mudmask makes this happen. Percy and Jen must get Franekenstein back together.
094 "Bloodshower" Bloodbath Butch Lukic Steve Gerber


July 11, 1998
There have been strange sightings of blood coming from people. Scientist researches but they are confronted by a familiar face. When Frankenstein and co. decides to go into the Science Hall to investigate, Frankenstein comes face to face with the "new" Bloodbath in white.
095 "Torch Song" Outrage, The Bison & The Black Kotana Curt Geda Rich Fogel June 13, 1998
After putting the Bison and the Black Kotana in jail, Frankenstein is tired as they put up quite a fight. Outrage then uses this to his advantage and creates a sound melody made of heat to defeat him. When all seems lost, only Frankenstein Jr. can save him.
096 "The Ultimate Thrill" Richochet & Mechanic Hilary J. Bader Dan Riba September 14, 1998
Former stuntman known as Rick O. Chet is traumatized by Mechanic. He then becomes the villain known as Richochet. He then seeks to kill Mechanic. Frankenstein must then stop this mass murderer.
097 "Over the Edge" Bloodhound, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, GardenGnome, Bulletshed, The Bonecrusher, The Woodhammer & Rapier Yuichiro Yano Paul Dini May 23, 1998
Dr. Magnus Mysterious acquires the best of the best and sends them on a one mission only: Defeat Frankenstein. When there is no way Frankenstein can beat them all, he flees underground. The villains then tries to get him as Frankenstein quickly learns of his advantage underground: water.
098 "Dust Devils" The Cometh & Mechanic Hiroyuki Aoyama Hilary J. Bader April 25, 1998
The Cometh returns but is actually being antagonized by Mechanic. Frankenstein then decides to help the Cometh out only if he turns over his leaf and leaves crime forever.
099 "Critters" Man-Fish, Carter Peter & Clownface Dan Riba Steve Gerber & Joe R.  September 19, 1998
Carter Peter is at the docks but a man-fish known as Man-Fish pulls him under the water. the Commander and Percy decides to go investigate as Frankenstein and Jen handles Clownface. When the two gets underwater, they find Man-Fish trying to eat them. Can they stop him?
100 "Dead of Life" Lifetaker & Mechanic Butch Lukic Paul Dini & Stan Berkowitz September 18, 1998
Frankenstein notices Mechanic has his life absorbed. He must then stop the Lifetaker before bad things.
101 "Animal Act" The Wilderbeast, Killer Wolf & Killer Bat Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader September 26, 1998
The Wilderbeast is back and better than ever. he acquires both Killer Wolf and Killer Bat's help and stopping Frankenstein. Frankenstein then gets the help of Rusty Lad and Frankenstein Jr. to stop the trio.
102 "Old Wounds" Bloodbath & Bloodhound Curt Geda Rich Fogel October 3, 1998
When Bloohound is about to get beat up by a gang, Bloodbath saves him and they team up. They make a good team as they steal what they please and do what they want. When Frankenstein returns, he is unable to stop them and must use a ray gun from the Planetarium to defeat them.
103 "The Demon Within" Basilisx, The Bison, Monstro, Metallic Boulder, Ooze, The Bonecrusher, & Magnor Atsuko Tanaka Rusti Bjornhoel & Stan Berkowitz May 9, 1998

Basilisx is back and seeks the help of the Bison, Metallic Boulder, Ooze, and the Bonecrusher. When they take out Magnor and Monstro, they head for Nightmare City. Frankenstein and the Commander both must shut the bridge down before they arrive.

104 "Legends of the Frankenstein" Mechanic Dan Riba Robert GoodmanOctober 10, 1998
Mechanic is back and creates a machine that can exterminate something in an instant. When Frankenstein defeats Mechanic, he unleashes the machine. However, it ends with Frankenstein disappearing. Mechanic then rules in a world without Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Frankenstein faked it in order to defeat Mechanic by surprise.
105 "A Superstar is Born" The Vendetta Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader October 17, 1998
Kirk Pitzowski is haunted by a bully of his. When he meets the Vendetta, he uses him to get rid of all of his enemies: Including Frankenstein.
106 "Mad Love" Richochet, The Mermaid, The Ravine & Rapier Butch Lukic Paul Dini & Bruce Timm January 16, 1999
Richochet and the Mermaid goes out after she has disbanded with Snowman. However, the Ravine and Rapier also wants to date her. Frankenstein must team up with the Mermaid to put the others in jail.
107 "Chemistry" The Woodhammer Butch Lukic Stan Berkowitz October 24, 1998
When Frankenstein is tired of being a superhero, he gives it up and leaves everything to Rusty Lad. When the Woodhammer comes back for revenge, Rusty Lad needs to get Frankenstein back in order to stop him from crearting a jungle in the city.
108 "Labor Day" Atlas, Beluga, The Panther, Bulletshed, Dr. Zing, Mechanic, Vain, Overdose, Outrage, The Bison & Dr. Minister Dan Riba Steve Gerber November 7, 1998
Atlas and Beluga starts a raid and unleashes many of Frankenstein's rogues upon the city to destroy. However, the heroes are all away. Leaving just the Commander to outsmart each villain using brains.
109 "Dangerous Minds" Man-Spider Curt Geda Rich Fogel & Alan Burnett October 31, 1998
A new villain known as Man-Spider comes to cast Nightmare City under a ruined Web City called "Arachno."

Season 4EditEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
110 "Vengeance" Vengeance & The Mudmask Dan Riba Paul Dini September 13, 1997
A villain known as Vengeance is here and plots to kill whoever gets in his way. When Frankenstein and the Mudmask are fighting, he seeks to kill them both. The two makes an unlikely alliance to put Vengeance in jail.
111 "Lighthouse" Mister Light Curt Geda Rich Fogel September 20, 1997
Donny Domingo is fascinated with light and uses that for his experiment but not only blows the science hall to kingdom come but also transforms into the villain, Mister Light. Frankenstein must extinguish the light before he goes blind.
112 "Cold Armor" Snowman, Bulletshed & Dr. Mandarin Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader October 11, 1997
Dr. Mandarin finds Snowman heartbroken from his fight with Mermaid and they team up to get rid of Frankenstein. Percy and Rusty Lad must rescue him from the icy fortress after defeating being abducted.
113 "Skyskrapers" Party Dragon & Killer Bat Kenji Hachizaki Stan Berkowitz November 1, 1997
Party Dragon comes to exact revenge but runs into the notorious Killer Bat. The two teams up and nearly collapses the city in a skyscraper. Can Frankenstein stop them?
114 "Termoil" Overdose Dan Riba Hilary J. Bader November 15, 1997
In an effort to save him, Frankenstein slips and lets Overdose fall on accident. When Overdose is revealed to be alive, he takes revenge by kidnapping his loved ones and planning something big! Can Frankenstein stop him?
115 "Kindred Spirits" Frankenstein X Curt Geda Robert Goodman November 22, 1997
Frankenstein is running on the bridge until a crash. Frankenstein X then appears, stating that he is leaving with Frankenstein's head. The two has an epic clash on the bridge. However, Frankenstein X has acquired the beast serum inside of him for the time being. Frankenstein must figure a way to counter that to beat him.
116 "Fluids" Ooze, Atlas & Beluga Dan Riba Paul Dini February 21, 1998
Crime boss Edward "The King" Barlow dies and in his will leaves his arch-rival, the Joker, a large fortune. The Joker immediately goes on a shopping spree, even searching for a replacement for Harley Quinn, but realizes too late that almost all of the money is fake.
117 "Shear Strength" The Mudmask, The Panther, THe Cougar, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Vain Atsuko Tanaka Paul Dini and Robert Goodman February 28, 1998
Robin fights to protect a young girl with amnesia who is being stalked by her "father", who turns out to be Clayface. Having created the girl from his own body to scout out the city, he now intends to reabsorb her.
118 "Reinforcements" Menace, Dr. Mandarin, Killer Wolf, Cox, Monstro & The Stealthbomber Butch Lukic Steve Gerber July 11, 1998
Baby Doll becomes enamored of Killer Croc, and the pair forms a very unlikely yet very successful criminal duo. However, their partnership soon falls apart when Baby Doll learns that Croc is only using her to further his own criminal career.
119 "Prisoners of Love" Hunter Ross, The Mermaid & Grover Runbar Curt Geda Rich Fogel June 13, 1998
A lovelorn pyrotechnic engineer, Garfield Lynns, gets dumped by a big time singer named Cassidy. Lynns becomes the supervillain Firefly, bent on burning the woman who burned him.
120 "Gears in Motion" Mechanic, Heavy Machine & Metallic Boulder Hilary J. Bader Dan Riba September 14, 1998
Former stuntwoman and adrenaline junkie Roxanne Sutton becomes the rocket-riding thief Roxy Rocket, to chase danger and excitement.
121 "Blitz" The Ravine & Frankenstein X Yuichiro Yano Paul Dini May 23, 1998
During a fight with the Scarecrow, Batgirl is ambushed on a rooftop and falls to her death. Having watched his daughter's demise, Jim Gordon blames Batman for her fate and vows revenge, even recruiting Bane in the process.
122 "Underwater" The Bison, Dr. Zing, Mechanic & Man-Fish Hiroyuki Aoyama Hilary J. Bader April 25, 1998
Batman pursues an ex-model, who is now looking for revenge and calling herself "Calendar Girl".
123 "Pets" Dr. Mandarin & Killer Bat Dan Riba Steve Gerber & Joe R. Lansdale September 19, 1998
A genetic engineer goes overboard in creating bigger livestock and loses all his money. A year later, an army of mutant farm animals terrorize Gotham City.
124 "Claw of the Wild" Monstro, The Wilderbeast & The Ringmaster Butch Lukic Paul Dini & Stan Berkowitz September 18, 1998
Batman tries to help Catwoman, who is being chased by a cat cult due to a statue she stole.
125 "Circus in Show" Clownface Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader September 26, 1998
A series of thefts is being committed by circus animals in a town where Nightwing's old circus is performing. Is it an old friend that is training the animals to steal, or someone else?
126 "The New Order" Mister Light Curt Geda Rich Fogel October 3, 1998
When on patrol on his own, Robin runs into Nightwing and he tells Robin the story of how he and Batman grew apart. The story reveals how Batgirl discovered Batman and Robin's true identities, and also explains some of the romantic flare between Barbara and Dick.
127 "Trailblazer" The Woodhammer Atsuko Tanaka Rusti Bjornhoel & Stan Berkowitz May 9, 1998

Batman and Robin assist occultist Jason Blood when Klarion the Witch-boy takes control of Blood's alter-ego, Etrigan the Demon. This episode was the final performance of actor Stephen Wolfe Smith (Klarion), who died shortly afterwards.

128 "Welcome to the Monkey House" Outrage, Basilisx & Beluga Dan Riba Robert Goodman & Bruce Timm October 10, 1998
A group of Gotham City youths tell their stories about what they believe the Dark Knight to really be like. One story is reminiscent of the style of 1940s Batman artist Dick Sprang. A second is reminiscent of the 1960's Batman (TV series). Another is inspired by Frank Miller's 1986 limited series The Dark Knight Returns.
129 "Fright Night" Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Curt Geda Hilary J. Bader October 17, 1998
Livewire escapes during a prison transfer and runs amok in Gotham, joining forces with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. With the Dark Knight away, Batgirl teams up with Supergirl to face the deadly trio.
130 "Speed Rush" GardenGnome & The Vendetta Butch Lukic Paul Dini & Bruce Timm January 16, 1999
Harley reflects on her first meeting with the Joker as she plots to eliminate her main competition in his attentions - Batman.
131 "Termology" Bloodbath, Rapier & Man-Spider Butch Lukic Stan Berkowitz October 24, 1998
Bruce Wayne, along with other wealthy denizens of Gotham, fall in love with their ideal mate, who all happen to have green eyes. Wayne decides to marry, and gives up being Batman forever. However, an old enemy's latest plot is being set into motion...
132 "Reflexes" Clawface, The Mudmask, The Bonecrusher, Dr. Zing, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Magnor, Bulletshed, Dr. Mandarin, The Wizard, Jynx & Mister Light Dan Riba Steve Gerber November 7, 1998
Exposure to a weird mixture of chemicals, including the Joker's laughing gas, changes straitlaced newsman Jack Ryder into the crazed Creeper. He looks to kill the Joker, and develops a much unwanted crush on Harley.
133 "Salvation" Federation of Ifinity, Dr. Zing, Killer Wolf, Vain, Dr. Minister Beluga & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Curt Geda Rich Fogel & Alan Burnett October 31, 1998
A new, mysterious vigilante known as "The Judge" appears and targets Gotham's rogues gallery with ruthless fury.
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