Frankenstein: Unleashed is the new upcoming series of Frankenstein that has started airing in November 2011. It will have a large variety of the villains of the show and will have different designs than the original and pulling toward more of Frankenstein: Evolution & The Batman series.


Season 1: 2011: 2012Edit

Season one comprised 13 episodes, aired between November 2, 2011 & ended on January 25, 2012.

Episode Production Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
1 101 "The Birth of Frankenstein" Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Seung Eun-Kim Duane Capizzi November 2, 2011
A mad scientist named Dr. Zing finally decides to set his plan for domination over Nightmare City into action. He creates the ultimate monster, Frankenstein and plans on using him to take over. However, Frankenstein does not approve of this and Dr. Zing casts him aside and decides to take over Nightmare City with his Giant Robot. Frankenstein meets a human named Percy & they together join forces to stop Dr. Zing. They then move in with Percy & Jen.
2 102 "Traction" Frankenstein X & Dr. Zing Sam Liu Adam Beechen November 9, 2011
After Dr. Zing's continuous fails to defeat Frankenstein, he uses the DNA he has from Frankenstein and creates an incomplete clone, Frankenstein X. Frankenstein X defeats Frankenstein and leaves Dr. Zing so he can end Frankenstein for good. To stop a common threat, the two team up in hopes of getting rid of this new menace.
3 103 "Rust" Mechanic, Heavy Machine & Metallic Brandon Vietti Steven Melching November 16, 2011
A new villain by the name of Mechanic comes in and creates two machines and orders them to steal all of the mechanical objects they can find around the city. While at the hardware store, Frankenstein, Percy & Jen all notices the two and follow them to Mechanic's lair. There, Frankenstein the demented Mechanic before his plan sets into motion.
4 104 "The New Age" Outrage Seung Eun-Kim Thomas Pugsley and Greg Klein November 23, 2011
Jen along with many civilians goes missing when they go out shopping. Frankenstein & Percy gets worried and goes out to look for them. A man named Outrage attacks them and reveals he has kidnapped the civilians to drain them of their energy & gain more power. Can they stop him?
5 105 "The Big Chill" Dr. Zing & Snowman Brandon Vietti Greg Weisman November 30, 2011
Frankenstein & co. defeats Dr. Zing time after time, after time. Eventually, he gets fed up and creates the meaning of pure cold evil, Snowman. Snowman starts causing Nightmare City to flood in snow and the temperature keeps dropping. Frankenstein will have to stop this icy villain if he hopes to save Nightmare City from freezing.
6 106 "Frenzy Plant" The Woodhammer Sam Liu Adam Beechen December 7, 2011
Percy is forced to water the garden but accidentally gives life to a mutated plant substance that creates the villain known as the Woodhammer. The Woodhammer turns Percy into a plant. He then starts turning everyone into plants and plans to start a plant army. When Frankenstein is defeated & turned into a plant, only the handicapped Percy can save everyone.
7 107 "Mr. Imperfect" Dr. Mandarin & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Seung Eun-Kim Christopher Yost and J.D. Murray December 14, 2011
The Big Man or Crime Lord known as Dr. Magnus Mysterious decides to make himself known when he unleashes parasites among Nightmare City. Meanwhile, Dr. Mandarin (his student) takes control of the parasite armada and plans to mutate them further to raid Nightmare City.
8 108 "The Red Claw" Clawface, Dr. Zing, Clownface & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Brandon Vietti Steven Melching December 21, 2011
Dr. Zing (student of Dr. Magnus Mysterious) and his mentor works together to make the perfect creation. However, Clownface messes it up horribly and it forms a metahuman named Clawface. They send Clawface on a solo mission: Defeat Frankenstein.
9 109 "Beware" Killer Wolf & Dr. Mandarin Sam Liu Robert Goodman December 28, 2011
Dr. Mandarin is back and obtains a wolf. he experiments on it and creates Killer Wolf. He influences it to do what he says and orders it to destroy and bring him back Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Frankenstein struggles with helping Jen & Percy out when he thinks they think of him as a monster.
10 110 "Birds of Prey" The Ravine Seung Eun-Kim Adam Beechen January 4, 2012
After witnessing a flock of ravens being ported to a new location, Ralston Ravine kidnaps one and raises it. Wanting revenge, he creates a metallic muscle bird suit with a raven themed razor wings. With this lunatic out for revenge, Frankenstein & co. must stop him before his victims suffers.
11 111 "The Killer Bat" Killer Bat, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Clownface & Outrage Brandon Vietti Steven Melching January 11, 2012
After putting Outrage & Clownface back in prison, Frankenstein & co. all goes for food. Meanwhile, Dr. Magnus Mysterious experiments with a bat and mutates it to make Killer Bat. It then hunts for blood. Frankenstein comes face to face with this creature and he must take it down before every citizen has their blood sucked out of them.
12 112 "Child of Prodigy" The Vendetta, Dr. Zing, Mechanic & The Woodhammer Sam Liu Greg Weisman January 18, 2012
A mysterious man comes into town and starts stealing peoples faces. As Frankenstein & co. try to find out who, they are assisted by Mechanic & Dr. Zing who also is curious. They find the Woodhammer defeated and comes face to face with the maniacal Vendetta.
13 113 "The Vendetta of Tragedy" The Vendetta Seung Eun-Kim Greg Weisman January 25, 2012
The Vendetta seeks the face of Frankenstein as he will gain a lot of power from him. As they fight, Percy & Jen tries to help Frankenstein win but he gets tricked and almost gets his face taken until he kicks the Vendetta. When the Vendetta retreats, Frankenstein & Jen go out looking for him as Percy goes back home. The two hurry back home when they discovered that the Vendetta followed Percy back to the house.

Season 2: 2012Edit

The production order for season two comprised 13 episodes. This season aired from February 5, 2012 to May 1, 2012.

Episode Production Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
14 201 "Rush Zone" The Bonecrusher Brandon Vietti Thomas Pugsley and Greg Klein February 5, 2012
Frankenstein & co. are on there way home until Percy meets up with an old friend, Mac McGee. Percy goes over why they broke up as friends and the Bonecrusher plans to gain Percy back. Even if that means getting rid of Frankenstein & taking Jen for himself.
15 202 "Paging the Crime Doctor" Dr. Sargott, Dr. Zing, Clownface & The Ravine Sam Liu Christopher Yost and J.D. Murray February 12, 2012
A new scientist named Dr. Sargott helps Dr. Zing and they test Clownface with it. They send Clownface to fight Frankenstein to where he barely wins. Frankenstein & Jen then goes to stop Dr. Zing but cannot when they have already sent the Ravine to take care of them.
16 203 "Forces of Nature" Overdose & Outrage Sam Liu Joseph Kuhr February 19, 2012
Outrage returns to Nightmare City and brings along his older brother, Overdose. Together, they cause havoc around Nightmare City and has a little fun. Frankenstein will have to put an end to their little fun. However, will he be strong enough to stop the dynamic duo?
17 204 "The Phantom Menace" Menace Seung Eun-Kim Michael Jelenic February 26, 2012
Jen gets lost in a tunnel and finds Menace in hiding. When she gets ambushed by him, he uses her to guide him to Frankenstein and makes her tell him his weaknesses. When they fight, Frankenstein will have to use his wits to defeat the phantom menace.
18 205 "Claw of the Wild" The Wilderbeast & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Brandon Vietti Thomas Pugsley and Greg Klein March 6, 2012
The trio goes camping, much to Percy's displeasure. When he wanders off alone, he gets bit by a wilderbeast and transforms into one. Frankenstein & Jen must turn him back before midnight by finding the wilderbeast that bit him. Meanwhile, Dr. Magnus Mysterious sets his plans as the crime boss in motion.
19 206 "" The Boulder, Metallic & Menace Sam Liu J.D. Murray and Christopher Yost March 13, 2012
Penguin discovers a sonic device that allows him to control birds, but instead, he gets a sonic device which controls bats. Now, Man-Bat is placed under his control. Meanwhile, Alfred must deal with a raccoon which has found its way into the Bat-Cave and is wreaking havoc on the electric equipment.
20 207 "Meltdown" The Mudmask Seung Eun-Kim Greg Weisman March 20, 2012
Ethan Bennett is captured and put on trial for his crimes as Clayface. He's released on probation but finds the temptations of a criminal life too great.
21 208 "JTV" Mechanic & Clawface Seung Eun-Kim Michael Jelenic March 27, 2012
Joker pirates the airwaves of Gotham in order to broadcast his crimes on TV as entertainment. When Yin's overzealous new partner tries to bring the clown prince of crime down, he merely becomes Joker's latest "co-star." Batman must find where Joker is broadcasting from before he can carry out his plan to make Gotham die of undying laughter.
22 209 "Ragdolls to Riches" The Vendetta Seung Eun-Kim Adam Beechen April 3, 2012
Ragdoll, a triple-jointed contortionist, crosses paths with Batman and Catwoman while trying to steal priceless artifacts. Also, Selina Kyle befriends Bruce Wayne ... but what are her intentions?
23 210 "The Butler Did It" Clownface, Dr. Mandarin, Mechanic & Dr. Zing Brandon Vietti Alexx Van Dyne April 10, 2012
Spellbinder, a three-eyed mystic with the ability to induce both hypnosis and visions, sets his sights on stealing the valuable Eye of Sarkana - controlling Alfred (and other butlers) to commit his crimes.
24 211 "Grundy's Night" The Mudmask, Killer Bat & Overdose Sam Liu Adam Beechen April 17, 2012
Solomon Grundy, a zombie of Gotham legend, emerges from a swamp on Halloween to wreak havoc on Gotham. But Batman and Alfred discover that there is more to Grundy than it appears.
25 212 "Strange Minds" The Bonecrusher & The Woodhammer Brandon Vietti Greg Weisman April 24, 2012
Joker takes Yin hostage, but once captured he refuses to tell of her whereabouts. Convinced it's the only way to learn Yin's location before she meets her demise, Batman uses a device created by Professor Hugo Strange to enter the mind of Joker in search of an answer.
26 213 "Night and the City" The Timekeeper Brandon Vietti Steven Melching May 1, 2012
Joker, Penguin, and Riddler set up a bet to settle their differences by giving all of Gotham over to whoever is able to capture and discover the true identity of Batman. While a new member to the Gotham police force determines Batman's future in the city.

Season 3: 2012Edit

The third season comprised 13 episodes which aired between May 2, 2012 and May 25, 2012. Like the first two seasons, it began directly following the end of the previous season. This season also aired as a marathon so many episodes debut on the same day as part of the All Day Frankenstein Favorites Funtastic Marathon.

Episode Production Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
27 301 "Batgirl Begins, Part One" Dr. Zing Brandon Vietti Michael Jelenic May 2, 2012
Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, recounts a story about a powerful new super-villain sabotaging waste-dumping corporations and her increasingly radical friend, Pamela Isley...
28 302 "Batgirl Begins, Part Two" Dr. Zing Christopher Berkley Michael Jelenic and Adam Beechen May 9, 2012
Continuing from the previous episode, a chemical accident mutates Pamela's DNA giving her power over plants and Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl in order to stop Pam from going to jail. But things quickly change when Pamela becomes the super-villain Poison Ivy, kidnapping the Commissioner and placing Batman under her mind-control.
29 303 "A Dark Knight to Remember" The Bison & Jynx Brandon Vietti Joseph Kuhr May 9, 2012
When Batman gets a hit to the head during a fight with Penguin, Bruce Wayne has memory loss, and forgets he is Batman. But when Batgirl is captured while saving him, can Bruce muster the courage to rescue her? Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon suspects Bruce Wayne is Batman.
30 304 "A Fistful of Felt" Vengeance, The Ravine, Menace, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Clownface Anthony Chun Steven Melching May 9, 2012
After his most recent crime spree, Arnold Wesker is taken to Arkham and apparently "cured" by Dr. Hugo Strange. A new career as a children's entertainer lies before Wesker ... but can he escape the shadow of Scarface?
31 305 "RPM" Mechanic Christopher Berkley Christopher Yost May 11, 2012
A new villain, Gearhead, makes his first appearance robbing a charity race, and Batman soon finds himself forced to upgrade the Batmobile to keep up with the cybernetic villain.
32 306 "Cash for Toys" Metallic Boulder & Heavy Machine Anthony Chun Steven Melching May 11, 2012
When Wayne Industries shuts down Cosmo Krank, a toymaker with a spotty safety record, the demented villain takes revenge by trying to kill Bruce Wayne with his diabolical toys.
33 307 "Brawn" Frankenstein X, Dr. Mandarin & The Ravine Brandon Vietti Alexx Van Dyne May 18, 2012
Joker becomes a raging strongman when he gets hold of Bane's Venom. However, when Batman fails to stop Joker's wrath, Batgirl must learn to overcome her own physical limitations in order to save the day.
34 308 "The Laughing Cats" The Exoskeleton Christopher Berkeley Joseph Kuhr May 18, 2012
When a rare Black Siberian Leopard is stolen, Batman and Batgirl suspect Catwoman and go to protect the second Black Siberian Leopard. But what happens when Joker beats them to the punch and brings the cats to Killgore Steed? It's a maze of doom with dangerous creatures. Can Catwoman, Batman, and Batgirl escape, or will they end up on Joker's wall?
35 309 "Fleurs du Mal" Abdullah's Gara Lu, Dr. Zing & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Anthony Chun David Slack May 19, 2012
When her father, along with other high-ranking Gotham officials, begins to embrace environmental causes after the delivery of mysterious plants, Barbara discovers that they've been replaced with plant-based copies created by Poison Ivy and teams up with Batman to stop her and their own evil clones.
36 310 "The Apprentice" Lightningrod Brandon Vietti Steven Melching May 21, 2012
Inspired by the Batman/Batgirl partnership, Joker decides to recruit his own sidekick, a classmate at Barbara's school, and eliminate Batgirl and Batman.
37 311 "Thunder" Vain, Outrage, Clawface, Dr. Zing, Menace & Snowman Christopher Berkley Paul Giacoppo May 23, 2012
Maximillian Zeus, a millionaire who is also a Greek history fanatic, takes control of Gotham from the sky with his giant aircraft, New Olympus, after losing to Mayor Grange in a re-election. Can Batman and Batgirl bring him down before he incinerates the city?
38 312 "The Icy Depths" The Mermaid Anthony Chun Steven Melching May 25, 2012
Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Alfred's old school chum are all on the trail of a sunken treasure in Gotham Harbor.
39 313 "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind" Silverfin, Metallic Boulder, The Bonecrusher, Dr. Zing, Dr. Mandarin & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Brandon Vietti Alexx Van Dyne May 25, 2012
Hugo Strange creates an AI database called D.A.V.E. (Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator), encoded with the minds of Gotham's greatest criminals, in order to better predict their crimes. However, D.A.V.E. breaks free and proclaims himself to be "Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind", and is later on about to reveal Batman's identity.

Season 4: 2012Edit

Season four introduces villains like the Man-Beast, Magnor, The Sugarcane, The Thief, The Stealthbomber & Wave.

Episode Production Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
40 401 "A Matter of Family" Wave Brandon Vietti Michael Jelenic September 23, 2006
After a young circus performer named Dick Grayson loses his parents to a criminal named Tony Zucco, Bruce adopts the boy, since he knows what it feels like to lose family. Batman then sets out to bring Mr. and Ms. Grayson's killer to justice. Once Bruce's secret is revealed, Dick joins Batman as his new sidekick, Robin.
41 402 "Team Penguin" Dr. Magnus Mysterious, The Bonecrusher, Menace, The Ravine, The Vendetta, Clawface & Lightningrod Anthony Chun Joseph Kuhr September 30, 2006
After watching a movie about criminal masterminds, Penguin forms Team Penguin along with Killer Croc, Ragdoll, Firefly and Killer Moth in order to finally take Batman down. Meanwhile, Batgirl and Robin must learn how to work together. However, Moth gets infected by a chemical which the team stole, and becomes a giant, monster moth.
42 403 "Clayfaces" Man-Beast & Dr. Zing Adam Youngberg Steven Melching October 7, 2006
After Ethan Bennett foils one of Joker's plans, he plans to prove himself to Batman by turning a new leaf. Meanwhile, has-been actor Basil Karlo steals the mutagen responsible for mutating Bennett and becomes the new Clayface. Can Batman trust Ethan enough to help him stop Karlo?
43 404 "The Everywhere Man" The Stealthbomber Brandon Vietti Greg Weisman November 4, 2006
When evidence from a series of art thefts by the Everywhere Man, a new costumed villain with the power to replicate, implicates Bruce's close friend John Marlowe, Batman believes there must be another explanation. Now, Batman must unmask the identity of the "Everywhere Man" and prove his friend's innocence.
44 405 "Strange New World" Magnor Anthony Chun Joseph Kuhr November 18, 2006
Hugo Strange infects the population of Gotham City with a virus that transforms them into zombies, and only Batman and Robin are left to find and distribute the antidote. But when Robin falls, only Batman can save the day. But not everything is at it seems...
45 406 "The Breakout" Magnor Matt Youngberg Alexx Van Dyne November 11, 2006
After Batman apprehends Black Mask, his henchmen plan to spring him from Gotham P.D. so that Black Mask can activate his doomsday device. When Batman is captured, Batgirl and Robin must stop the villain and save the city on their own.
46 407 "Artifacts" The Sugarcane, Dr. Mandarin, Clownface & The Thief Brandon Vietti Greg Weisman February 3, 2007
A thousand years into the possible future, the citizens of new Gotham must uncover the history of Batman in order to stop a new-and-improved Mr. Freeze. This episode is based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns
47 408 "Two of a Kind" Dr. Zing & Dr. Mandarin Anthony Chun Paul Dini February 24, 2007
When Daytime TV host Harleen Quinzell is canceled from her television program for ambushing Bruce Wayne, Joker takes an interest and decides to turn her into his partner in crime, Harley Quinn.
48 409 "Seconds" The Mermaid Matt Youngberg Steven Melching February 10, 2007
The Bat Team goes up against an unstoppable thief who knows their every move.
49 410 "Riddler's Revenge" The Bison, The Woodhammer, Lightnningrod & Killer Wolf Brandon Vietti Stan Berkowitz February 17, 2007
Riddler and Batman are in a crate, dropped at the bottom of Gotham Harbor ... and Riddler reveals his origins.
50 411 "Rumors" Dr. Magnus Mysterious Matt Youngberg Joseph Kuhr March 3, 2007
The villains of Gotham City are disappearing, each one defeated and captured by an invisible vigilante named Rumor. Batman and Robin must defeat Rumor before he has a chance to execute the villains.
51 412 "The Joining, Part One" Hunter Ross Anthony Chun Douglas Petrie and Jane Espenson April 28, 2007
Bruce discovers that Wayne Industries is distributing alien technology across the world and gains the aid of a mysterious ally, who warns him of an alien race threatening to conquer Earth. Meanwhile, Batman begins to wonder whether he'd be better off without Batgirl and Robin.
52 413 "The Joining, Part Two" Huner Ross, Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Anthony Chun Douglas Petrie and Jane Espenson May 5, 2007
The Joining has launched its attack on Earth and the key to defeating them is Wayne Industries' satellites. As Batman and Martian Manhunter attempt to penetrate Wayne Towers, Alfred encourages Batgirl and Robin to disobey Batman while the battle for Earth begins.

Season 5: 2012Edit

Season 5 expands the series further into the rest of the DC Universe, introducing superheroes from the Justice League of America and their enemies, both of which include Superman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Flash; and the supervillains are Wrath, Lex Luthor, Toyman, Metallo, Shadow Thief, Count Vertigo, Sinestro, The Terrible Trio, and the Mirror Master. This season is the last of the series. The series finale aired on March 8, 2008. The Complete Fifth Season was released on DVD in July 2008.

Episode Production Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
53 501 "The Batman/Superman Story, Part One" Metallic Boulder, Dr. Mandarin & Mechanic Vinton Heuck Alan Burnett September 22, 2007
Batman and Superman find themselves teamed up when Lex Luthor begins his operations in Gotham City to take down Superman, and employs a horde of Batman's villains to do so. Lex later on gets a hold of Poison Ivy's control gas, and laces it with Kryptonite, and now becomes able to control Superman's mind.
54 502 "The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two" Dr. Zing Christopher Berkeley Steven Cuden September 29, 2007
Batman and Robin must battle Superman, who is under Lex Luthor's mind control, as the villain plans to launch a wave of robots and take over the world's armies.
55 503 "Vertigo" The Bonecrusher John Fang Stan Berkowitz October 6, 2007
Batman welcomes another member of the Justice League to Gotham as he teams up with Green Arrow when Count Vertigo, a villain who can affect people's sense of balance, arrives in the city with a diabolical plan.
56 504 "White Heat" Carter Peter & Grover Runbar Vinton Heuck Joseph Kuhr October 13, 2007
Firefly tries to upgrade his powers with the aid of his new girlfriend Blaze, but is exposed to radioactive phosphorus and takes on a more dangerous identity as Phosphorus.
57 505 "A Mirror Darkly" Abdullah's Garah Lu Christopher Berkeley Steven Melching November 3, 2007
Batman and Robin team up with Flash to thwart Mirror Master's plans to trap everyone in their own mirror image.
58 506 "Joker Express" Abduallah's Garah Lu John Fang Brian Swenlin November 10, 2007
Gotham citizens are bursting into hysterical laughter and dumping stolen goods into the river, and Batman is soon on the trail of Joker.
59 507 "Ring Toss" Overdose, Outrage, Dr. Minister & Clownface Christopher Berkeley Len Uhley December 8, 2007
Green Lantern seeks out Batman's help in locating renegade Green Lantern Sinestro, but when the villain comes to Earth, Penguin ends up with the hero's power ring.
60 508 "The Metal Face of Comedy" Killer Bat, Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Carter Peter Vinton Heuck Alexx Van Dyne December 15, 2007
With the help of a hacker, Joker's mind is downloaded into a computer, enabling him to control the new WayneTech Nanobots. This creates a new and improved body who attempts to destroy Batman, Robin, and the original Joker.
61 509 "Attack of the Terrible Trio" Mechanic John Fang Stan Berkowitz February 2, 2008
A trio of college misfits use stolen mutagens from Doctor Kirk Langstrom to transform themselves into animal forms and get revenge on those who have scorned them.
62 510 "The End of the Batman" Wraithe, Massive & The Timekeeper Vinton Heuck Robert Goodman February 9, 2008
Wrath and Scorn, the Dynamic Duo's evil brothers, are helping the villains of Gotham City. But what happens when both Batman and Wrath uncover each other's identities?
63 511 "What Goes Up..." Spitfire Christopher Berkeley Alexx Van Dyne February 16, 2008
When Black Mask hires Hawkman's foe the Shadow Thief to break him out of Arkham and assist in the theft of a meteorite, Batman must team up with Hawkman to defeat the villains.
64 512 "Lost Heroes, Part One" Dr. Zing, Mordu & Vain John Fang and Vinton Heuck Stan Berkowitz and Alexx Van Dyne March 8, 2008
The super-powered members of the Justice League begin disappearing one by one. Only Batman and Green Arrow are left to investigate and discover that old enemies are involved.
65 513 "Lost Heroes, Part Two" Mordu & Dr. Zing John Fang and Vinton Heuck Stan Berkowitz and Alexx Van Dyne March 8, 2008
The heroes fight their android counterparts to recover the Justice League's powers, while the Joining prepares for its final assault on Earth.
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