Frankenstein: First Class is the direct sequel series following up after the events of the last episode in Frankenstein (2013). Now, more villains are appearing and this series introduces all four on-and-of sidekicks of Frankenstein.

Primary CharactersEdit

  • Frankenstein
  • Percival "Percy" Jameson
  • Jen Bullock

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Rusty Lad
  • Frankenstein Jr.
  • Nuke
  • JoeDanny

Season OneEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
001 "Frankenstein Reborned" Ludwig Frankenstein Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 6, 1992
With Percy and Jen out of town, Frankenstein has some relaxation time. However, the city is under an illusion by Ludwig Frankenstein when he plans to create the perfect Frankenstein. Can Frankenstein stop this mad scientist?
002 "Side Effects" Clownface Kent Butterworth Eddie Gorodetsky November 13, 1992
After Clownface gives Jen an elixir that is poisonous (meant for Frankenstein), Frankenstein & Percy sets out to find a cure before their friend's life is up.
003 "Bad Blood" Dr. Septimus Pretorius, Killer Wolf & Clawface Boyd Kirkland Henry T. Gilroy & Sean Catherine September 15, 1992
Septimus Pretorius had his plans vetoed by the Commissioner. As a result, he creates mind induced acidic particles into both Killer Wolf & Clawface to control them. Frankenstein & co. must save the chief of police before another death becomes prominent in Nightmare City!
004 "Screams of the Siren" The Mermaid Trio & Dr. Zing Kevin Altieri Carl Swenson September 22, 1992
Dr. Zing wakes up and finds himself at the Arctic parts of Nightmare City. He then finds three mermaids that he hires to control Frankenstein and Percy using their charms. They help him and his plan is successful and it is up to Jen to save them as she is not smitten by the lovely mermaids. However, in order to stop the mermaids, she must go through her best friends.
005 "Reaction" Dr. Zing Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini and Michael Reaves September 14, 1992
Frankenstein sleep walks until he wakes up to find Dr. Zing, beggin him to come back. Frankenstein falls for it and is then tricked that he will die, so he runs away and Percy and Jen try to find him. Upon returning, Dr. Zing is getting the deed to the city by the mayor. Angered, Frankenstein defeats Dr. Zing and is about to throw him off the Nightmare Bridge until he realizes that he is not as cruel and cold-hearted as his master is. Dr. Zing then goes to jail.
006 "Spellbound" Cox & Jynx Frank Paur Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by Jules October 21, 1992
007 "Frankenstein Overboard" Leo Wayman Diards Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian (Teleplay by Sean Catherine September 18, 1992
Frankenstein is sent to go retrieve the Stone of Majesty so Dr. Zing cannot use it. However, he is stropped by the Bonecrusher who wants it as well. When the two titans clash, Percy and Jen must find a way to stop Bonecrusher or the whole city could be destroyed.
008 "Meet the Frankenstein's" Evil Replikas & Dr. Zing Boyd Kirkland Jules Dennis, Richard Mueller October 8, 1992
Dr. Zing tries again to make a creation. However, he ends creating a a humanoid boulder. He then sends Boulder out to eliminate Frankenstein.
009 "Birthday Principles" Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Frank Paur Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes September 16, 1992
After going to the circus, a villain named Clownface hypnotizes the crowd, leaving only Jen left to stop him. But what happens when Clownface gets the whole audience against her?
010 "Heavy Metal" Mechanic & Heavy Machine Kevin Altieri Alan Burnett (Teleplay September 25, 1992
A professor named Dr. Magnus Msterious uses local Ben Daves for an experiment. He transforms him into the Menace and sends him on a mission to defeat Frankenstein.
011 "Initiation" Rusty Lad & Dr. Zing Kevin Altieri Randy Rogel September 28, 1992
After presumably killing Frankenstein, Menace starts to shroud Nightmare City in despair and darkness. He then plans to use the Lunar energy to drain all of the water and send the Earth to the Sun.
012 "Armagheddon: Part I" Mechanic Boyd Kirkland Tom Ruegger (Teleplay September 10, 1992
After being defeated countless times, Dr. Zing finally creates the meaning of pure cold evil, Snowman. When Frankenstein fails to defeat it twice, Dr. Zing takes advantage of that and manages to activate its true potential. Percy then helps Frankenstein with his strentgh being Cold and he challenges Snowman to one last fight.
013 "Armagheddon: Part II" Mechanic Frank Paur Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell September 30, 1992
Nightmare City is calm until a Freak Wave is said to hit. When Dr. Magnus Mysterious takes advantage of this, he plans to make the wave hit straight for Frankenstein's House. Frankenstein then goes to stop the Freak Wave and Mysterious.
014 "Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil" The Exoskeleton Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini September 7, 1992
After defeating Dr. Zing and his Giant Robot, Frankenstein and co. go to celebrate. Meanwhile, Dr. Magnus Mysterious mutates a Bat forming, Killer Bat. With the Killer Bat stealing blood from humans, Frankenstein must stop it.
015 "Urban Jungle" The Woodhammer & Undergrowth Kevin Altieri Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright September 5, 1992
After an accident at the Planetarium Vengeance a new villain is born. He starts to exact his revenge on Mandar. Tech and starts to destroy everything. Frankenstein encounters him and must deal with the power of revenge.
016 "The Evil Within" Menace, Ooze, Dr. Mandarin & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Dick Sebast Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright (Tel September 12, 1992
With Frankenstein presumably dead, Percy and Jen gets the help from Dr. Mandarin as Vengeance is going to destroy him. When Dr. Magnus Mysterious saves Frankenstein, he tries to possess him which fails. Frankenstein then must stop Vengeance and save Dr. Mandarin.
017 "The Galaxy Games: Part I" Magnor Dan Riba Martin Pasko February 24, 1993
When Frankenstein is testing his strength, The Boulder challenges him to a weight lifting contest. When he accepts, the two tests their abilities. Frankenstein ends up losing when The Boulder cheats. Percy then trains him to lift even greater weights.
018 "The Galaxy Games: Part II" Magnor Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & Tom Ruegger (Teleplay November 4, 1992
Percy accidentally plants a seed. When it sprouts, it sprouts a mutated metahuman named The Woodhammer. When the Woodhammer betrays Percy, he defeats Frankenstein and Percy must stop what he let terrorize the city.
019 "Nightstalk" The Ravine Frank Paur Dennis Marks (Teleplay by Sean October 6, 1992
A man known as the greatest bird scientist in the world is frustrated when Mayor Muggle wants to send the Ravine birds away, the scientist becomes the new villain known as, The Ravine. Frankenstein must stop this bird-obsessed freak.
020 "Enter the Basilisx: Part I" Dr. Zing, Menace, Clownface & Basilisx Dick Sebast Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 8, 1992
Dr. Zing teams up with Menace to stop Frankenstein. However, they are delayed by Clownface who messes with his inventions. When he destroys a chemical that takes over for itself, it heads for town. To Frankenstein's surprise, he shows up at the Laboratory to fight the trio.
021 "Enter the Basilisx: Part II" Basilisx, Dr. Zing & Clownface Kevin Altieri Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves September 9, 1992
As the creature still lurks Nightmare City, Dr. Zing explains what happened. The two then works together as Percy and Jen distracts it. When Dr. Zing uses his Tractor Beam, it weakens it. However, Frankenstein confronts it on top of the Nightmare Tower as Frankenstein goes head to head with the new villain, Basilisx.
022 "Into the Wild" The Wilderbeast, Dr. Zing & Giant Robot Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 11, 1992

After getting his Giant Robot destroyed in battle, Dr. Zing retreats to his HQ to rebuild it. Jen and Frankenstein are thrilled to go camping, Percy hates it. When he wanders, he meets a Wilderbeast and gets bit. He then undergoes a transformation into the Wilderbeast. Frankenstein must stop his best friend from endangering the city and himself.

023 "Vendetta" The Vendetta Frank Paur Michael Reaves October 5, 1992
Frankenstein & co. has an unexpected visitor, Rusty Lad. When he tells them of urgent news of many people having their faces removed, Frankenstein and co. goes to investigate. When looking through the evidence and clues, Frankenstein comes face to face with the facechanger himself, The Vendetta.
024 "Royale Rumble" Magnor Dick Sebast Samuel Warren Joseph September 29, 1992
During an expidition match against Rey Mysterion, Frankenstein gets teleported aboard a ship where the controller, Magnor holds the Gladiator Battles for Survival. As Frankenstein fights his way through, he makes it to the final stage and to win, he must be the host himself, Magnor!
025 "The Red Claw" Clawface, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, Dr. Zing & Clownface Kevin Altieri David Wise September 21, 1992
Dr. Magnus Mysterious uses Dr. Zing to help him with a new project. They create a metahuman, designed to rid of Frankenstein. However, Clownface lays a gas on it, altering it completely. When it is complete, the villain known as Clawface prepares to hunt and kill Frankenstein.


Rapier Boyd Kirkland Gerry Conway, from the comic-book story September 17, 1992
Jen is indecisive when she cannot choose which sword to use in the game. When Rapier arrives, Frankenstein prepares to stop him but fails when Rapier proves to be a formidable opponent. He then kidnaps Jen. The two must then save her as she engages in a full on sword battle with Rapier.
027 "The Return of Killer-Bat" Killer Bat & Mechanic Frank Paur Paul Dini October 12, 1992
Kid Jimmy spots Killer Bat and takes a rid on it as a pet. After confronting Frankenstein and co. Kid Jimmy believes that Frankenstein is trying to kill Killer Bat and orders him to attack. After defeating him, Frankenstein is ambushed by Mechanic. As Percy and Jen busts him out, Killer Bat strikes there again. Franknestein must think of a way to stop Killer Bat without harming Kid Jimmy.
028 "Dreams in Darkness" Dreamo Dick Sebast Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens November 3, 1992
When Frankenstein starts to have nightmares, he finds out that a villain named Dreamo is hidden somewhere and taking advantage of him through his dreams. Percy and Jen then plans to enter his mind to rid of Dreamo.
029 "Eternal Youth" Overdose & Outrage Kevin Altieri Beth Bornstein September 23, 1992
Two villainous brothers by the name of Overdose and Outrage both goes on a rampage looking for the Fountain of Youth. When they find it, they plan to destroy it. Frankenstein tries to stop them but is reverted by into his Frankenboy state. Percy, Jen and the younger Frankenboy now must stop the two.
030 "Attack of the Killer Garden Gnomes" GardenGnome & Dr. Mandarin Boyd Kirkland Laren Bright & Michael Reaves October 19, 1992
Dr. Mandarin puts his genious to test after his plan gets foiled by Frankenstein and co. He brings a Garden Gnome to life and chips it with the ideal to create destruction everywhere. Can Frankenstein stop something that does not even breathe?
031 "Blindspot" Menace, Killer Wolf, Dr. Zing, Overdose, The Ravine & Tin Man Frank Paur Elliot S. Maggin October 14, 1992
Menace returns but with Killer Wolf, Overdose, The Ravine and Tin Man by his side. Dr. Zing uses this to his advantage and absorbs their powers with each confrontation they have with Frankenstein. Eventually, Frankenstein catches on and gets the others to capture and get revenge on Dr. Zing.
032 "Origins: Part I" Vain, Dr. Zing & Dr. Mandarin Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 7, 1993

After an arguement, Dr. Zing and Dr. Mandarin split up as crime partners. They are then taken into custody by the police. Meanwhile, a new villain by the name of Vain plots the destruction of Frankenstein.

033 "Origins: Part II" Vain & Dr. Magnus Mysterious Dick Sebast Randy Rogel February 14, 1993
Vain seeks the help of Dr. Magnus Mysterious in his ultimate plan, until he double crosses him and so after Frankenstein's defeat to Vain, Dr. Magnus Mysterious comes to his senses and decides to help him. This leads to Frankenstein defeating Vain, due to Dr. Magnus Mysterious saving him.
034 "Jaws of Glory" Bloodhound Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini (Based on a Steve Englehart story) January 10, 1993
Nightmare City is under attack by a plague of dogs. Jen is caught in the wildfire of things and Frankenstein goes to rescue as Percy is sick. When Frankenstein comes face to face with Bloodhound, he must learn a dog's weakness.
035 "Night of the Ninja" The Black Kotana Kevin Altieri Steve Perry October 26, 1992
Frankenstein and co. along with Rusty Lad and Frankenstein Jr. goes to a Japanese testing site as Frankenstein was chosen to be in a simulation. However, the Black Kotana seeks revenge and cuts the electrical cords, trapping both him and Frankenstein in the simulation.
036 "Wizards" The Wizard & Cox Boyd Kirkland Sean Catherine Derek November 5, 1992
The Wizard teaches his "son", Cox that to be a true wizard, he must past a final exam, defeat Frankenstein. After losing to Frankenstein, the Wizard aids him and defeats him. Percy then discovers how to beat him and Frankenstein uses Cox's failure to his advantage.