Clint Bart (a.k.a.) Black Sparrow is a fictional comic book DC/Marvel superhero. Although he does not possess powers of superhuman strength or abilities beyond the average human, he is trained in Hand-to-hand Combat, Archery and is at the peak of human strength. Bart was originally a waterboy however, Colonel Johnson noticed him dodge the footballs that he asked him to join his organization, D.O.M.E. Once becoming a member, Clint dubs his superhero alias as Black Sparrow.


Clint is a chilled, laid-back, down-to-earth trickster who is very fun to be around. Unlike many of the agents in the organization, Bart always knows how to put a smile on anybody's face. He is the only person to make Colonel Johnson smile. He has a wise-cracker sense of humor, often annoying those around him and his enemies himself. In addition to this, he is a smart alec, commenting and cracking jokes at the worst of times.

Main EnemiesEdit

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  • John Wimpsley
  • Colonel Johnson
  • Lt. Steel
  • Black Canary - Dinah has always had something for Clint. The two would flirt with one another whenever they had the chance. Despite this, Clint only valued her as a close friend, while Black Canary was all for being together with Black Sparrow. Originally a minor foe to D.O.M.E., Clint and Black Canary were seen as rivals, trying to beat each other. However, Black Canary started to develop feelings for Clint and their rivalry shifted. She became an on-off ally of D.O.M.E. and eventually got together with Clint. They then married and had 2 children, Clarence Bart and Casey Bart.
  • Frankenstein - Frankenstein has shown to be an occassional friend/ally to D.O.M.E. and Clint himself. Frankenstein knows Clint's identity and they have collaborated countless times (especially in the comics). The two likes to entertain each other and mock each other for fun. In addition, Black Sparrow continously tries to convince Frankenstein to join D.O.M.E. but to no avail. Frankenstein then leaves, promising to return if ever needed.
  • General Paine
  • Francis Newton
  • The Quickster - Both Clint and Ricky Dodgson are similar in personality but are different in actions. They view each other as "Brother from different parents." The Quickster usually takes the role as younger brother and Clint is quick to save him from any harm. They are really close and the Quickster is the most common hero to help Clint in his adventures.
  • Sonic Boom
  • Clash the Purple Lantern
  • Arial Dock
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